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Gold Ribbon Grocers
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Map MarkerNone (nearest: Jury Street Metro Station, local: )
QuestsRube's Gold Ribbon
Cell NamezJuryStreetGrocer
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Gold Ribbon Grocers is a store on Jury St, just northwest of Jury Street Metro Station.


The entire store appears to have been set up as a Rube Goldberg machine, using pressure plates, a long row of boxes, several traps and explosions. With some notable loot located at the top of a slide in the left-hand corner of the store, which can be accessed by setting off the machine. The back half of the store will ignite in a gas leak during the display. If you took the Light Step perk you won't set off the machine by stepping on the pressure plate, but it can still be triggered either by knocking over the first detergent box (left most upon entering), pushing the swing trap at the start of the trap, or by a random item falling onto the pressure plate. Alternatively, you can disarm the traps and ignite the gas with an energy weapon to release the loot. You may look at the contents of the upper floor by jumping on an angle from the counter by the fridge onto the top of the fridge itself, though there is not a lot up there.

Notable loot


  • If the loot doesn't drop after the machine is activated, you can throw a frag grenade up in the area with the slide, and that can trigger the loot to drop. You can shoot the corpse, while aiming in the ceiling hole where it's supposed to drop. Or hit the slider with a blunt object a few times (sledgehammer) by jumping in the air.
  • Upon exiting the building it is common for three Talon Company mercs or Regulators (Depending on Karma ) to spawn in front of the player.


Gold Ribbon Grocers appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Upon exiting the store, your game may occasionally freeze up.
  • Occasionally, if you did not activate the machine but only took some of the various boxes of Abraxo Cleaner etc., on re-entering the building all other boxes and parts of the trap may have disappeared.
  • PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Occasionally, when you activate the machine, the gas leak explosion won't make it to the end of the device, resulting in the corpse and loot not falling down.
  • Sometimes the skeleton and the loot may not appear at all, but will appear after setting off the reaction, but it will not drop down, all you need to do is shoot the corpse once and it will all fall down.