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Game company
Glutton Creeper Games
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Company data
HeadquartersAuburn Hills, Michigan (USA)
Fallout games
DeveloperFallout Pen and Paper d20
Other games
DeveloperExodus d20
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Glutton Creeper Games (GCG) is a PnP RPG publisher responsible for the canceled Fallout d20.


On June 10, 2006 GCG finished contract negotiations with Interplay for a license to create a d20 Modern OGL setting for Fallout. On May 8, 2007 ZeniMax Media/Bethesda Softworks threatened to file an injunction against GCG for damages, should they not cease and desist production of Fallout PnP d20 products. They stated that Interplay never had the rights to license a Pen and Paper to GCG under their license of Fallout from 2004 before the purchase of the IP, and claimed that it may damage the Fallout brand and forthcoming Fallout 3 release by linking the two. The Fallout d20 page on GCG website was removed.

On June 19, 2007 GCG finished the conversion of the Fallout d20 project to the Exodus Post-Apocalyptic setting that encompasses the South-West of the United States (to include New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada). The system is generic enough to use in any setting, but have added a new storyline that is based on events that started in 1939, altering the history of the world ever so slightly until 2012, when the mother of all wars began, and man was forced to retreat from his own destruction.

In 2009, GCG released two additional Exodus Supplements to support the setting, that parodies Fallout and several other Post-Apocalyptic cult media.

Glutton Creeper has been shut down since August 2010 and have not released any new products despite the listing on their website. The existing products have been released and made available on as PDF e-books and Print-on-Demand. Glutton Creeper state legal reasons and lack of funds have forced the shut down and delay of any new Exodus new releases. Glutton Creeper have recently been updating the Exodus website and recently announced a new book soon to be released.

Glutton Creeper continues to delay the release of products into and most likely through 2012 due to lack of funds from legal fees in the ongoing legal battle against Interplay.

GCG vs. Interplay lawsuit

Glutton Creeper Games filed legal action against Interplay in August 2007 on the Fallout license for breach of contract after Bethesda served a cease and desist notice on the development of a Fallout d20. Bethesda attempted to attach itself on the lawsuit, but they were dismissed from the suit. GCG and Interplay settled out of court in April 2009 for an undisclosed amount.[1][2]

Glutton Creeper is seeking a judgement against Interplay for failure to meet the terms of the settlement agreement between the two companies. Interplay failed to comply with the terms of the first part of the settlement due by May 2010 breaching the agreement. Secondly Interplay's legal claims that the second part of the agreement that would be valid December 2012 is null. GCG is also seeking judgement on this claim. The court date for judgement complaint is set for late September 2012.

March 2013, GCG wins judgment claim against Interplay. Interplay states they will appeal, but fails to file appeal with the set timeframe. Interplay also fails to pay the adjusted judgment as of September 2013.


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