Gladiator Pit

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Gladiator Pit
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FOBoSLogo.png The following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The Gladiator Pit is an arena used by the ghouls of Los for entertainment. Hieronymus and his brother Salieri were the ones who managed it. Anyone could participate in fights for money; however, there is some specially prepared combatants. These include some aggressive fanatical ghouls from the Church of the Lost, some poison dogs released for fight, some captured radscorpions from the Crater and female raiders from Carbon Mill. However, the most dangerous opponents were Deathclaws, probably unleashed on the cult by Super Mutants and later captured and taken to the arena. The champion of the Gladiator Pit is a mad Wasteland Stranger with powerful laser weapon.


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Gladiator Pit Challenges

Round # Opponent(s) Reward
Round 1 regular and glowing radscorpions 100 caps
Round 2 regular and spitting radscorpions 200 caps
Round 3 regular and glowing and spitting radscorpions 300 caps
Round 4 3 raider lieutenants 400 caps
Round 5 4 raider lieutenants 500 caps
Round 6 glowing radscorpions and melee ghouls 600 caps
Round 7 dogs and glowing radscorpions and melee ghouls 700 caps
Round 8 dogs and melee ghouls 800 caps
Round 9 dogs and melee ghouls 1,000 caps
Round 10 dogs and machine gun ghouls 1,200 caps
Round 11 dogs and machine gun ghouls 1,400 caps
Round 12 shotgun and melee ghouls 1,600 caps
Round 13 dogs and shotgun and machine gun ghouls 2,000 caps
Round 14 melee and shotgun and machine gun ghouls 2,500 caps
Round 15 melee and machine gun ghouls 3,000 caps
Round 16 machine gun ghouls 4,000 caps
Round 17 shotgun and machine gun ghouls 5,000 caps
Round 18 Experimental deathclaw 7,000 caps
Round 19 3 experimental deathclaws 10,000 caps
Round 20 3 chameleon dethclaws, 2 experimental deathclaws 20,000 caps
Round 20 Wasteland stranger armed with Continuous Fire Laser 50,000 caps


The Gladiator Pit appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

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