Getting an Earful

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Getting an Earful
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Quest data
LocationScrapyard, office
Capital Wasteland
Given ByTaking the Contract Killer perk
RewardPer finger:
-10 Karma
5 caps (good karma)
10 caps (very good karma)
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There's No Justice, Just Us

There's No Justice, Just Us[1] is an unmarked and repeatable quest in Fallout 3.


Now that the Lone Wanderer is an associate contract killer for Littlehorn and Associates, they are now a cog in the – incredibly evil – machine, slaying those with sound mind and morals for whatever vague and conspiratorial reasons Daniel Littlehorn refuses to say.


  1. Kill a good non-player character.
  2. Loot the ear from the corpse.
  3. Return to Daniel Littlehorn.
  4. Receive compensation.
  5. Repeat.

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  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.362