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General Atomics Galleria
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Map MarkerGeneral Atomics Galleria
BuildingsBack Alley Bowling
Fallon's Department Store
General Atomics Outlet
Handy Eats
Madden's Boxing Gym
Pinelli's Bakery
Slocum's Joe
FactionsGeneral Atomics International
QuestsLiberty Reprimed
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TerminalsGeneral Atomics Galleria terminals:
Handy Eats Terminal
Director Override Terminal
Supervisor's Terminal
Madden's Office Terminal

The General Atomics Galleria is a flagship fully automated shopping center in Wakefield Massachusetts, created by General Atomics International.


A fully automated model shopping center designed by General Atomics International to showcase the versatility of their line of robots. The centerpiece is a towering Mister Handy statue. At the center is the main computer controlling the facility. Once this facility was activated however, its filly automated nature was the cause of its downfall.[1] Critical flaws in the underlying Director Management System manifested in July 2077, shortly after opening. The legally-mandated supervisor present at the Galleria had to intervene numerous times to prevent malfunctioning robots from attacking patrons early in the months, though the incidents were dismissed by GAI as caused by the intervention. Blaming the supervisor for the behavioral cascade failures and ordering him to refrain from contact with robots or patrons was a grave error.[2] Around July 19, DMS-controlled robots attacked and killed several patrons, with GAI offering financial compensation to survivors. Unwilling to admit any wrongdoing on their part, the corporation ordered the supervisor to assist the Director in identifying malfunctioning robots and oversee its repairs. The executives assumed that further fatalities could occur, but rather than scrap the system, the supervisor was instructed to offer bribes (called "immediate financial settlements") to survivors on behalf of GAI. The corporation did, in fact, have an entirely separate compensation scale for such purposes, designated 14-J.[3]

Things came to a head on July 26, when the failure to resolve the underlying systems caused enough deaths to force the board to close down the Galleria. The supervisor was instructed to notify the Director and oversee the immediate shutdown of the Galleria. However, the master robot promptly killed them when they shut the Galleria down.[4]

The Galleria remained in stasis for the next three months as GAI devised firmware updates to resolve the underlying cascade failures. The Grand Reopening Protocol, as it was called, was transmitted to the robots remotely and was supposed to be activated on October 23, 2077, by Grand Reopening Supervisor 18-Alpha. However, Mr Kincaid never arrived at the Galleria. The Great War took care of that,[5] while the task scheduler that was supposed to open the Galleria automatically on January 1, 2078 failed, preserving the Galleria in its dormant state for over two centuries. The robots continued to maintain it as best they could, but the lack of resupply and the pass of time took their toll. However, the DMS remained active, becoming an object of interest to robotics researchers in the region, such as Professor Scara.[6]


Two centuries later the facility is a lethal ruin, the buildings mostly open to the elements. At the center a gigantic Mister Handy statue, within the master control computer. It is both guarded and run by the Director, only the awaited Alpha 18 Supervisor can repair and assume control of the facility. The giant Mr. Handy statue in the middle of the rotunda houses The Director. Accessing the Master-locked terminal or persuading the Director allows for opening the Galleria to service. However, exploring the facility before restarting it will add more malfunctions and unique lines.

The galleria is a rotunda various shops, restaurants and venues. Clockwise from the entrance is a Madden's Boxing Gym, General Atomics Outlet, Handy Eats, Back Alley Bowling, a Fallon's Department Store, Pinelli's Bakery, and a Slocum's Joe.



Notable loot

  • Galleria Supervisor's Password, on the terminal in Back Alley Bowling's backroom.
  • Jangles the Moon Monkey, next to a safe in the room behind the front desk of Back Alley Bowling.


The General Atomics galleria appears only in Fallout 4.


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    If you believe the Director has been compromised, you may disable it and use the DMS Override Terminal in its office to trigger an emergency manual shutdown of the entire Galleria.
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