Geiger counter (Fallout)

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Geiger counter
Value$ 650
Prototype ID00000052
Message FilePRO ITEM.MSG (Fallout)

It's pretty simple, actually. You use it and it tells you how many Rads you have. As long as you keep your Rad count under 100, you should be fine. Go above 100 and you're in some trouble. The worst part is you won't even know you've been sucking up Rads until a few days later. Get over 1000 and you're cooked - unless you get a hold of a whole lot of Rad-Away.

Jake, Fallout

'Geiger Counter is a miscellaneous item in Fallout'.


Main article: Geiger counter

A simple, rugged device manufactured by Wattz Electronics to detect the presence and strength of radiation fields. Includes a carrying handle and a modern, durable shell for increased portability and ease of use.[1] It's battery life is displayed in the Interface bar's ammo meter.


  • One can be found in The Glow in a locker on Level 4, along with some misc. chems

Behind the scenes

  • As with most miscellaneous items, the Geiger counter was recreated for Fallout Tactics, but never made it into the game.


  1. Fallout and Fallout 2 item description: "{5200}{}{Geiger Counter}"
    "{5201}{}{A Wattz Electronics C-Radz model Geiger Counter. Detects the presence and strength of radiation fields.}"
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