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Gammorin's Army
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One of Gammorin's mutants
LeadershipGammorin (2162-2195)
Latham (2195-2197)
Notable MembersToccamatta (high inquisitor)
Erkal (head of sterility reversal project)
Juggoknot (Kansas City detachment commander)
Thelma (Jefferson City commander)
Notable LocationsMidwest:
St. Louis
Kansas City
Relations and associations
Related EntitiesUnity (predecessor)
Eastern Brotherhood of Steel (successor)
Mini-FOT Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Gammorin's Army is a large military force formed out of Mariposa super mutants that fled New California eastwards. Initially under the command of Gammorin, it achieved the apex of its power under Paladin Latham.


The history of the army is closely tied to that of Paladin Latham. During the passage over the Rocky Mountains, Latham's air ship of the Great Air Convoy was badly damaged and crash landed near the pre-War city of Osceolla, where they were taken into custody by the very mutant force they were sent out to track down. Led by Gammorin, the super mutants managed to take less than a half of Latham's forces captive due to casualties sustained in the crash. While they were sentenced to be killed for Gammorin's amusement, Latham noticed the discontent at the decision in the mutant's group and challenged Gammorin to single combat to the death.[1]

The duel took place on January 5, 2195 and was won by Latham, barely. The Paladin suffered numerous fractures, lacerations, and brain damage. Regardless, he firmly established himself as the leader of the super mutants.[2] As their leader, he discovered that the super mutants are a simple, good people, with a loyalty stronger than that shown by regular humans. With the help of other crash survivors, he organized the mutants, creating a proper fighting force once more within six months. However, he began to notice symptoms of brain damage sustained in the duel, including hallucinations and bouts of angers and depression.[3]

Everything prospered and the group slowly made their way back west until April 9, 2196. A scouting party sent out by Latham returned, with just one survivor. The super mutants breached the entrance to Vault 0, waking the Calculator from its slumber and triggering the pacification protocols. The lone survivor inadvertently led the robots to Latham's headquarters. After taking heavy losses, the group was forced to flee. Latham and his men eventually returned to Osceolla, where they finally had time to regroup.[4][5][6]

However, the stress compounded the old brain injury, leading to even more vivid hallucinations. When Latham killed a fellow scribe, Nathan, in March 2197, he realized his grip on sanity was slipping.[7] His progressively worsening mental state suffered further when his men and the forces of the Eastern Brotherhood finally clashed on April 6, 2197. Witnessing tribal Brotherhood soldiers killing his adopted tribe, men who dedicated themselves to his banner, he suffered deep shock and engaged the Brotherhood. The combined physical and mental trauma caused him to discard his old identity as Paladin Latham and fully embrace the character of Gammorin, super mutant leader, sworn enemy of the Menace from the West.[8]

Gammorin's Army proved to be a difficult foe for the Brotherhood. As Latham was responsible for laying down many of the procedures the Brotherhood used every day, the mutants were able to counter battle tactics and reconnaissance efforts with ease.[9] As such, during the first large scale battle between the Army and the Brotherhood, at St. Louis, the mutants were able to rout the enemy forces and entirely destroy six out of eight veteran squads committed to the battle. General Simon Barnaky participated in the battle directly, but was captured in combat.[10][11] Subsequent attacks included the death of most of Brotherhood's intelligence operatives, stunting the organization's reconnaissance records.[12]

Although the Brotherhood reeled from the super mutant attacks, suffering devastating losses, it did not surrender. With a much more powerful industrial base and source of man power, in the form of villages and towns annexed by the Brotherhood, they held the line and managed to secure several victories against the super mutants, including the successful defense of Kansas City and the recovery of a nuclear warhead in working condition[13] and the conquest of Jefferson City, along with Latham's research project into curing supermutant sterility.[14] The Brotherhood's key asset was a small, highly resourceful squad under the command of someone known simply as the Warrior, which was deployed to Osceolla when the Brotherhood learned that Gammorin was, in fact, Paladin Latham.

Due to his actions against the Brotherhood, the former Paladin was sentenced to death for treason and to cull the security risk he posed.[15] When confronted by the squad in his bunker (a situation he expected),[16] Latham remained defiant, though courteous. He saw the wisdom in sharing the technology with the wastelanders, embodied in the Warrior and his squad. Yet he also saw confirmation that the Elders were as blind as ever, leading the Brotherhood in the wrong direction, letting the Menace in the West grow in strength. Only he and his mutant army were standing in the way of the robotic monstrosities.[17]

Paladin Latham, Gammorin, leader of Gammorin's Army, was slain by the Warrior's squad in honorable combat.[18] His death evoked mixed feelings in the Brotherhood, as while he was the leader of a military force that caused it to sustain devastating losses, he remained a Paladin. His army disintegrated, splitting into warring factions, vying for control. A number of supermutants joined the Brotherhood, continuing to serve a higher cause. Latham's legacy was not forgotten.[19]


Under their original leader, the super mutants were essentially a loosely banded tribe, operating with Gammorin as the de facto absolute ruler. Latham reformed them into a respectable fighting force, using his knowledge of military tactics and training gleaned from his years as a Brotherhood member. The super mutants operate in a decentralized fashion, with squads of soldiers subordinated to local commanders, such as Thelma in the case of Jefferson City. They create extensive fortified zones to enhance the defense of key points in the areas they control, though they prefer proactive attacks, outmaneuvering their enemy and exploiting their weak spots. This strategy led to spectacular victories against the Brotherhood, but proved unsuccessful at deterring small, highly mobile squads.[20]



The super mutants have a respectable stockpile of high powered weapons. Due to their bulk, they naturally tend towards larger weapons, with the standard issue firearm of a typical mutant being the M249 SAW. Although Unity had a large amount of energy weapons at their disposal, Gammorin's mutants prefer conventional, more reliable weaponry.[20]

Their most impressive achievement, however, was the establishment of an entire scientific lab at Jefferson City, for the purpose of finding a way to solve the problem of sterility among super mutants. Managed by Erkal, it was a biochemical research and development facility rarely seen in the wastelands.[20]


Gammorin's Army appeared only in Fallout Tactics.



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    We have crash landed north of a camp occupied by Super Mutants. We believe these to be remnants of the Master's army as encountered by the first Vault Dweller. Although the archives mentioned that some of these Super Mutants might actually be friendly, we found little to like about these ones, especially the chief.
    The leader of this camp went by the name of Gammorin. We were set upon by his patrols soon after we pulled ourselves from the wreckage. Bound and gagged, the mutant guards dragged us back to their camp. Fully half of us had been killed by the crash, and now less than half of that survived the treatment of our mutant captors.
    We were scheduled to be killed for the amusement of Gammorin. It was not hard to see that several of the Super-Mutants were unhappy with this. In fact, I was amazed to discover that they were not as savage as I had been previously lead to believe.
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    Today is a day filled with absolute horror.
    Only one mutant returned from a scouting trip that was ten soldiers strong. He staggered back to camp and collapsed without a sound. He died in my arms while trying to hold back the blood pouring from his mouth.
    Before I had a chance to close his eyes, the menace was upon us! Metallic death machines entered the camp undetected by my sentries! I have never seen creatures such as this before, but they seemed unstoppable. It was only the sheer power and, more importantly, our numbers that allowed us to defeat these three machinations of death.
    Our losses were staggering.
  5. The presence of Latham's airship at Osceolla suggests this was the original crash site. Given the distance between Osceolla and Vault 0, this means Latham's group was moving West.
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    We are resting now. Humans and mutants alike, hanging their heads and trying to catch their breath. Who knows how far we retreated? Twenty miles? Forty even?
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    I must maintain my sanity. I must."
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    My mutant scouts were engaged by a Brotherhood patrol. For the first time in my life, I was frozen in battle.
    I watched, curious even, tribal looking Brotherhood soldiers laughing manically as they cut down my new companions.
    My mutant companions, who dedicated their life to me as their leader. I lifted my weapon then, and fired again and again.
    When it was over, with Brotherhood corpses littering the ground, my head suddenly cleared. I now know my purpose and, more importantly, I finally know who I am.
    I am Gammorin - sworn enemy of the Menace from the West."
  9. Osceolla mission briefing: "This revelation explains how the Super Mutants were able to counter our battle tactics and reconnaissance efforts, as Paladin Latham wrote many of the procedures that we use today. At first, we believed the mutants had successfully interrogated General Barnaky. But records prove that our methods were compromised before the general fell into enemy hands."
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    Eight battle-hardened squads led by General Barnaky rushed to the scene and are now in pitched combat with the Super-Mutants. While we were able to push them back initially, our losses have been staggering. As a result, we need to pull our forces out of there immediately. This battle is lost."
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  12. Jefferson City briefing: "We have suffered another setback, Brother. Most of our Intelligence Operatives were killed in the surprise ambush last night. I can scarcely believe it myself, but we now have to accept the possibility that the Super Mutants are familiar with our covert methods.
    What is left of our intelligence ops, has discovered the location of one of the Super Mutant's staging areas. The mutants have a, semi-permanent military base in the rubble-strewn city of Jefferson. Additional reports describe multiple generators are supplying power directly to one large structure. Our scribes believe that this structure is a weapons manufacturing plant.
    You have two objectives to complete here, warrior. The first is to render all of these power generators permanently inoperative. Without power, their factory is useless. Your second objective is to force the mutants into a rout. If we can get them running, they'll lead us to either their main base or to General Barnaky."
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    Do you believe you can stop the Menace from the West? Your eyes give you away "brother." They tell me you don't even understand who or what the Menace is. The Elders have always been blind to what is not in front of them.
    But it ends here.
    The General is not here for you to save, I'm afraid.
    And you cannot save me... or yourself.
    Now, show me what you've learned!
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    Judge me not by my actions but by my goals!
    This undead enemy will not stop until all life has been extinguished!
    Why can't you see that?
  19. Osceolla debriefing: "Today is a day of joy and sorrow for the Brotherhood. Gammorin was a traitor, a murderer, and a deceiver, yet he was a Paladin. His brave deeds once brought much hope to the wasteland. Yet, something happened to him when the Great Storm ripped his airship from the Convoy and crashed it to the ground. From that moment, Gammorin was born, and the Brotherhood lost its favored son.
    With their leader dead, the mutants have split into factions. Some have turned to internal fighting as they wrestle for control, others have EVEN offered to join the Brotherhood. Though the mutant menace is far from ended, they are severely weakened. It will be some time before they gather their strength. Dagger Squad is out on patrol now hunting any mutant stragglers."
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