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For the various forms of beer that appear in the Fallout series of games, see beer.
Gamma Gulp beer
Chem GGBeer.png
-1 Perception
After 30 Minutes:
+1 Perception
Addiction20% Chance of Addiction

A bottle of Gamma Gulp beer. It glows in the dark!

Gamma Gulp beer is a consumable item in Fallout 2.


Main article: Beer

Brewed with the use of irradiated water, Gamma Gulp beer is a beverage brewed by ghouls specifically for ghouls. The combination of rads and alcohol gives it a pleasant kick and makes it the drink of choice for citizens of ghoul-majority towns, like Gecko.[1][2][3]


Immediately after consumption, Gamma Gulp reduces Perception by 1. After 30 minutes, Perception is raised by 1. It carries a 20% chance of Alcohol Addiction.


  1. PRO ITEM.MSG (Fallout 2): "{31001}{}{A bottle of Gamma Gulp beer. It glows in the dark!}"
  2. Lydia: "{240}{}{Say, a case of ten bottles of premium alcohol, and ten bottles of beer. And none of that radioactive stuff I hear comes out of Gecko. Just good old "booze," all right?}"
  3. Wooz: "{170}{}{You want a drink, huh? Well, we’ve got our very own Gamma Gulp Beer at $5/bottle and, for special occasions, our Roentgen Rum at $12/bottle.}"