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For a reduced list of useful, working commands, see Gamebryo console commands.

This page lists all console commands recognized by Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4.

This list was created using the console commands scof and help.


Command Short Description Example FO3 FNV FO4
Show TST Show global scripts and variables. Yes Yes
ShowVars SV Show variables on object. player->sv Yes Yes
ShowQuestVars SQV Show quest variables. sqv <QuestID> Yes Yes
ShowQuests SQ List quests. Yes Yes
ToggleCombatStats Yes Yes
ToggleSafeZone TSZ Display the television 85%% safe zone. Yes Yes
ToggleAI TAI Yes Yes
ToggleCollisionGeometry TCG Show collision geometry. Yes Yes
ToggleMaterialGeometry TMG Show material geometry. Yes Yes
ToggleBorders TB Show border lines for each cell. Yes Yes
ToggleSky TS Yes Yes
ToggleLeaves TL Yes Yes
ToggleWireframe TWF Show the world as wireframe. Yes Yes
ToggleCollision TCl Toggles collision for the selected object, when there is no object the player's collision is toggled instead Yes Yes
ToggleDebugText TDT Show debug numbers on the screen. Yes Yes
ToggleMenus TM Hide all the menus. Used for taking screen shots. Yes Yes
TogglePrimitives Yes Yes
ShowScenegraph SSG Create a window with the full game scene graph or the scene graph of the selected reference. Yes Yes
ShowScenegraph SFSG Create a window with the full game scene graph, open to the node corresponding to the selected reference (if any). Yes Yes
ToggleMagicStats Yes Yes
ShowAnim SA Show Animation and Actor status. Yes Yes
Show1stPerson S1ST Show the 1st person Model from the 3rd person camera. If in 3rd person mode it will show both. Yes Yes
Help Show this help. Yes Yes
ToggleNavMesh TNM Toggle blocked display. Yes Yes
TogglePathLine TPL Toggle path display. Yes Yes
PickRefByID PRID Select a reference by id for the console. Yes Yes
SetLightingPasses SLP spec ex: 1010 Yes Yes
ToggleLODLand Yes Yes
SetLODObjectDistance Yes Yes
SetTerminalMenuPos Yes Yes
MovePipboyKnob MPK move pipboy knob Yes Yes
HighlightBodyPart HBP highlight body part Yes Yes
HighlightAdditionalReference HAR highlight a reference Yes Yes
DeactivateAllHighlights DAH remove all V.A.T.S. highlights Yes Yes
ToggleGrassUpdate Yes Yes
CenterOnCell Yes Yes
SetGameSetting SetGS Example to increase character run speed: setgs fmoverunmult 7 where the default is 4 Yes Yes
SetINISetting SetINI "setting:category" value Yes Yes
GetINISetting GetINI "setting:category" Yes Yes
CenterOnExterior Yes Yes
CalcPathToPoint Yes Yes
CalcLowPathToPoint LP2P ignore locks, allow disabled doors, ignore min use Yes Yes
SetFog 2 floats, start and end depths Yes Yes
SetClipDist float, new clip distance Yes Yes
ToggleShadowVolumes Yes Yes
SetImageSpaceGlow Yes Yes
ToggleDetection Toggles AI detection of player (notarget) Yes Yes
ToggleHighProcess Yes Yes
ToggleLowProcess Yes Yes
ToggleMiddleLowProcess Yes Yes
ToggleMiddleHighProcess Yes Yes
ToggleAiSchedules Yes Yes
SpeakSound Yes Yes
BetaComment BC Add comment to General Yes Yes
ToggleCellNode TCN Toggle 3D for a Cell child node: 0-Actor, 1-Marker, 2-Land, 3-Water, 4-Static, 5-Active Yes Yes
ToggleTrees TT Turn trees on/off Yes Yes
SetCameraFOV FOV Change the camera's field of view (in deg): default 75 Yes Yes
Verbose VERBOSE Toggle verbose combat/AI messages Yes Yes
ToggleGodMode TGM Toggle God mode Yes Yes
RefreshShaders RS Reload HLSL shaders from disk Yes Yes
ToggleScripts TSCR Turn Script processing on/off Yes Yes
ToggleConversations TCONV Toggle conversation stats Yes Yes
ToggleFullHelp TFH Toggle Full Help Yes Yes
ShowQuestLog SQL Show Quest Log Yes Yes
ShowFullQuestLog SFQL Show all log entries for a single quest Yes Yes
DumpTexturePalette DTP Dump texture palette contents to file ; param is sort type f-filename, s-size, c-count) Yes Yes
DumpModelMap DMM Dump model map contents to file Yes Yes
CenterOnWorld COW COW <worldname> -10 5 Yes Yes
ToggleGrass TG Toggle grass display. Yes Yes
AddFaceAnimNote Yes Yes
RefreshINI REFINI Refresh INI settings from file. Yes Yes
ToggleEmotions temo Toggle NPC facial emotions. Yes Yes
AddDecal Yes Yes
TestCode Yes Yes
PlayerSpellBook psb Add all spells to player. Yes Yes
PrintAiList pai Printed Ai Lists. Yes Yes
ShowQuestTargets SQT Show current quest targets Yes Yes
HairTint 3 ints, RGB Yes Yes
SaveGame save SaveGame <filename> Yes Yes
LoadGame load LoadGame <filename> Yes Yes
TestAllCells TAC Test All Cells (0 - stop, 1 - start, 2 - interiors, 3 - current world) Yes Yes
RenderTestCell rtc runs Render Test on player's current parent cell Yes Yes
RenderTestHere rth runs Render Test on player's current position Yes Yes
SaveWorld Save hkWorld <filename> Yes Yes
ReloadCurrentClimate rcc Reloads values from the current climate Yes Yes
ReloadCurrentWeather rcw Reloads values from the current weather Yes Yes
TestSeenData tsd Visually displays the current seen data Yes Yes
TestLocalMap tlm Simulates the local map. (1 or 0 for FOW on or off) Yes Yes
MoveToQuestTarget movetoqt Move player to current quest target (optional param: target number). Yes Yes
PrintNPCDialog pdialog Prints NPC dialog Yes Yes
ShowSubtitle show all dialog subtitles (1 shows always, 0 hides always) Yes Yes
ShowRenderPasses srp display render passes for the next frame Yes Yes
FreezeRenderAccumulation fra only re-render geometry visible during this frame Yes Yes
ToggleOcclusion tocc toggle occlusion query for geometry Yes Yes
OutputMemContexts omc Output Mem Context info to a file Yes Yes
OutputMemStats oms Output Mem Stats info to a file Yes Yes
ToggleDetectionStats tds Show the detection stats of the current seletected Ref. Yes Yes
SetTargetRefraction str Sets the refractive value of the target Yes Yes
SetTargetRefractionFire strf Sets the refractive fire value of the target Yes Yes
ToggleRefractionDebug trd Toggles refraction debug render texture Yes Yes
ToggleCharControllerShape TCCS Toggle char controller shape type. Yes Yes
ShowHeadTrackTarget SHeadT Show the head track target if set from look function Yes Yes
SetSkyParam SSP Sets various values for the sky Yes Yes
SetHDRParam SHP Sets various values for the HDR shader Yes Yes
ShowPivot SP Puts a temporary yellow plus at the pivot point of the selected reference. Yes Yes
PrintHDRParam PHP Prints current HDR settings. Yes Yes
ToggleHDRDebug THD Toggles HDR debug textures. Yes Yes
RevertWorld rw Revert the world Yes Yes
OutputArchiveProfile oap Output Archive profile info to a file Yes Yes
QuitGame qqq Exit game without going through menus. Yes Yes
SaveIniFiles saveini Writes all the .ini files. Yes Yes
SetDebugText sdt Sets which debug text is shown. Yes Yes
ToggleLiteBrite tlb Toggles lite brite render mode. Yes Yes
RunMemoryPass rmp Runs a cleanup memory pass Yes Yes
ResetMemContexts rmc Reset Max Mem Contexts Yes Yes
ToggleWaterSystem TWS Toggles the water system Yes Yes
ToggleWaterRadius Yes Yes
ShowWhoDetectsPlayer SWDP Show who detects the player Yes Yes
ToggleCombatAI tcai Toggles ALL Combat AI Yes Yes
ToggleFlyCam tfc Toggles the Free Fly camera (UFO cam). Yes Yes
ModWaterShader mws Modifies water shader settings Yes Yes
WaterShallowColor shallow Modifies water shallow color Yes Yes
WaterDeepColor deep Modifies water deep color Yes Yes
WaterReflectionColor refl Modifies water reflection color Yes Yes
BeginTrace bt Creates a trace file (Xenon only) Yes Yes
RunCellTest rct Runs a cell test Yes Yes
StartAllQuests saq Starts all quests Yes Yes
CompleteAllQuestStages caqs Sets all quest stages Yes Yes
FlushNonPersistActors Flush Deletes all the actors in High who are not persistant Yes Yes
ToggleFogOfWar TFOW Turns fog of war on or off. Yes Yes
OutputLocalMapPictures OLMP Writes out the current local map. Yes Yes
SetGamma sg Sets new gamma ramp. Yes Yes
WasteMemory wm Allocates some memory (in MB). Yes Yes
ClearAdaptedLight cal Clears the HDR adapted light texture Yes Yes
ToggleCastShadows Yes Yes
SetHudGlowConstants shgc Set parameters for HUD glow. Yes Yes
CloseFile Yes Yes
SetTreeMipmapBias stmb Set mipmap LOD bias values for tree billboards. Yes Yes
SendSherlockDebugText Yes Yes
DumpMenuPackingInfo dpmi Dump menu packing information Yes Yes
DamageWeapon Yes Yes
GetWeaponHealth Yes Yes
OutputMemStats omsfw Output Mem Stats info to a file Yes Yes
PlayExplosion Plays explosion seq in selected obj Yes Yes
SetMaxAniso Sets Depth of Field focal distance Yes Yes
SetDepthOfFieldRange sdofr Sets Depth of Field range Yes Yes
SetTargetDOF stdof Sets the depth of field based on the target Yes Yes
ToggleFullScreenMotionBlur tfsmb Toggles Full screen motion blur Yes Yes
SetMotionBlur smb Set the motion blur params Yes Yes
ToggleFootIK tfik Toggles Foot IK system Yes Yes
SetVel Sets Velocity on a reference Yes Yes
DebugCombatPlan dcp Debugs the combat plan on an actor Yes Yes
SetCombatActionCost scc Sets the cost on a combat action Yes Yes
ToggleCombatDebug tcd Toggles combat debug info Yes Yes
ForceGroupStrategy fgs Forces a combat group strategy Yes Yes
TogglePathingInfoFunction TPI Toggle pathing information. Yes Yes
ShowInventory inv Shows reference inventory Yes Yes
ResetPerformanceTimers rpt Resets the performance timers Yes Yes
ToggleDebugDecal TDD Toggle debug displays for decal creation : 0-Wireframe, 1-Solid, 2-Occlusion Query, 3-Transform Yes Yes
ToggleDecalRendering TDR Toggle decal rendering Yes Yes
SetImageSpaceModifiersEnable sisme Set imagespace modifiers enable: 0-Off, 1-On Yes Yes
SetUFOCamSpeedMult sucsm Set speed mult for UFO cam. Yes Yes
DeleteReference zap Deletes the specified object ref Yes Yes
ToggleTestLight TTL Toggle test light (radius, magnitude). Yes Yes
PlaceLocationMarker plm PlaceLocationMarker x y z (optional name) (optional color ) Yes Yes
ClearLocationMarkers Yes Yes
ToggleMultiboundCheck mbc Toggle all Multibound check functionality Yes Yes
ToggleGrabIK tgik Toggles Grab IK system Yes Yes
ToggleLookIK tlik Toggles Look IK system Yes Yes
ToggleRagdollAnim tra Toggles Ragdoll Anim system Yes Yes
AddOcclusionPlane AOP Add Occlusion plane (x size, y size). Yes Yes
SetGlobalRadialBlur sgrb Set parameters for the global radial blur Yes Yes
OutputTextureUseMap OTUM Writes out texture use map data to file. Yes Yes
ToggleVATSLight TVL Toggle V.A.T.S. Light Yes Yes
ClearScreenBlood csb Clear screen blood Yes Yes
ScreenBloodTest tsbTEST Toggle screen blood debugging Yes Yes
ResetDialogueFlags rdf Debug resets SayOnce, TalkedToPc, etc. Yes Yes
ResetAllTerminals rat Debug resets all hacked/locked terminals. Yes Yes
GetActorValueInfo GetAVInfo Get detailed actor value info. player.getav luck Yes Yes
CloseAllMenus cam Closes all open menus Yes Yes
ToggleBoundVisGeom tbvg Toggles bound visualization for a ref Yes Yes
DebugMilesPS3 dm3 Enumerates Miles samples and streams Yes Yes
SetConsoleOuputFile scof Sets the given file as target for console output. Yes Yes


trst Test race/sex menu rendered terminal Yes Yes
IgnoreRenderPass irp Ignore the given renderpass Yes Yes
PlayVATSCameras pvc Play this set of V.A.T.S. cameras for the next V.A.T.S. playback. Yes Yes
SetTargetFalloff stfo Sets the falloff of the target Yes Yes
ToggleActorMover tam Toggles actor movement through pathing system Yes Yes
CopySaves CopySaves Copy save games from the host machine or a memory stick (ms). Yes Yes
DrawSkeleton das Enables skeleton drawing Yes Yes
ToggleEOFImageSpace teofis Toggles end of frame imagespace effects Yes Yes
ForceFileCache ffc Enumerates Miles samples and streams Yes Yes
DumpNiUpdates dnu Dumps the next frame's calls to NiNode/NiAVObject::UpdateDownwardPass to NiDump*.xls (only Debug/PIX 360 builds) Yes Yes
TestDegrade degrades the specified number of MB of textures. negative values degrade all possible. (only 360 builds) Yes Yes
ToggleDepthBias tdb toggles depth bias for decals on or off Yes Yes
ToggleSPURenderBatch tSPURB toggles the SPU render batch on or off Yes Yes
ToggleSPUTransformUpdate tSPUTU toggles the SPU transform update on or off Yes Yes
ModifyFaceGen mfg Modify FaceGen Functionality Yes Yes
ForceRSXCrash fRSX Forces an RSX crash Yes Yes
SetEmitterParticleMax Sets the maximum number of particles emitted by a non-master particle system emitter Yes Yes
SetMPSParticleMax Sets the maximum number of particles emitted by master particle system emitter set Yes Yes
SetTaskThreadSleep Sets the task thread sleep value (-1 to disable). Yes Yes
SetTaskThreadUpdateSleep Sets the task thread update sleep value (-1 to disable). Yes Yes
EvalActorTextures Yes Yes
EnableWeaponMod Yes
ToggleProjectileDebug TP Yes

Script functions

Command Short Description Example FO3 FNV
UnusedFunction0 Yes Yes
GetDistance Yes Yes
AddItem Yes Yes
SetEssential Yes Yes
Rotate Yes Yes
GetLocked Yes Yes
GetPos Yes Yes
SetPos Yes Yes
GetAngle Yes Yes
SetAngle Yes Yes
GetStartingPos Yes Yes
GetStartingAngle Yes Yes
GetSecondsPassed Yes Yes
Activate Yes Yes
GetActorValue GetAV Get an actor value. player.getav luck Yes Yes
SetActorValue SetAV Set an actor value. player.setav luck, 75 Yes Yes
ModActorValue ModAV Modify an actor value. player.modav luck, -10 Yes Yes
SetAtStart Yes Yes
GetCurrentTime Yes Yes
PlayGroup IE: PlayGroup SEQNAME 1 Yes Yes
LoopGroup Yes Yes
SkipAnim Yes Yes
StartCombat Yes Yes
StopCombat Yes Yes
GetScale Yes Yes
IsMoving Is the actor moving? Yes Yes
IsTurning Is the actor turning? Yes Yes
GetLineOfSight Yes Yes
AddSpell Yes Yes
RemoveSpell Yes Yes
Cast Yes Yes
GetButtonPressed Yes Yes
GetInSameCell Yes Yes
Enable Yes Yes
Disable Yes Yes
GetDisabled Yes Yes
MenuMode Yes Yes
PlaceAtMe Yes Yes
PlaySound Play a 2D sound. (Optional: 1 to indicate a system sound, 0 otherwise. Yes Yes
GetDisease Yes Yes
GetVampire Yes Yes
GetClothingValue Yes Yes
SameFaction Yes Yes
SameRace Yes Yes
SameSex Yes Yes
GetDetected Yes Yes
GetDead Yes Yes
GetItemCount Yes Yes
GetGold Yes Yes
GetSleeping Yes Yes
GetTalkedToPC Yes Yes
Say Yes Yes
SayTo Yes Yes
GetScriptVariable Yes Yes
StartQuest Yes Yes
StopQuest Yes Yes
GetQuestRunning Yes Yes
SetStage Yes Yes
GetStage Yes Yes
GetStageDone Yes Yes
GetFactionRankDifference Yes Yes
GetAlarmed Yes Yes
IsRaining Yes Yes
GetAttacked Yes Yes
GetIsCreature Yes Yes
GetLockLevel Yes Yes
GetShouldAttack Yes Yes
GetInCell Yes Yes
GetIsClass Yes Yes
GetIsRace Yes Yes
GetIsSex Yes Yes
GetInFaction Yes Yes
GetIsID Yes Yes
GetFactionRank Yes Yes
GetGlobalValue Yes Yes
IsSnowing Yes Yes
GetDisposition Yes Yes
GetRandomPercent Yes Yes
StreamMusic Yes Yes
GetQuestVariable Yes Yes
GetLevel Yes Yes
GetArmorRating Yes Yes
RemoveItem Used to remove an item from an actor's inventory RemoveItem 434F Yes Yes
ModDisposition Yes Yes
GetDeadCount used to display the number of dead copies of an NPC's base id getdeadcount <base id> Yes Yes
ShowMap Yes Yes
StartConversation Start a conversation Bob.StartConversation Joe, SecretTopic Yes Yes
Drop Yes Yes
AddTopic Yes Yes
ShowMessage Yes Yes
SetAlert Put the NPC on alert, drawing any weapons they might have. setalert 0 or setalert 1 (with the NPC selected) Yes Yes
GetIsAlerted displays 0 if NPC is not alert and 1 if NPC is alert getisalert (with NPC selected) Yes Yes
Look Yes Yes
StopLook Yes Yes
EvaluatePackage Yes Yes
SendAssaultAlarm Yes Yes
EnablePlayerControls pov|looking|rollover|sneaking ex: 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 Yes Yes
DisablePlayerControls pov|looking|rollover|sneaking ex: 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 Yes Yes
GetPlayerControlsDisabled pov|looking|rollover|sneaking ex: 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 Yes Yes
GetHeadingAngle Yes Yes
PickIdle Yes Yes
IsWeaponOut Yes Yes
IsTorchOut Yes Yes
IsShieldOut Yes Yes
CreateDetectionEvent Yes Yes
IsActionRef Yes Yes
IsFacingUp Yes Yes
GetKnockedState Yes Yes
GetWeaponAnimType Yes Yes
IsWeaponSkillType Yes Yes
GetCurrentAIPackage Yes Yes
IsWaiting Yes Yes
IsIdlePlaying Yes Yes
CompleteQuest completequest <QuestID> Yes Yes
Lock Yes Yes
UnLock Unlocks the selected door or terminal Yes Yes
GetMinorCrimeCount Yes Yes
GetMajorCrimeCount Yes Yes
GetActorAggroRadiusViolated Yes Yes
GetCrimeKnown Yes Yes
SetEnemy Yes Yes
SetAlly Yes Yes
GetCrime Yes Yes
IsGreetingPlayer Yes Yes
StartMisterSandMan Yes Yes
IsGuard Yes Yes
StartCannibal Yes Yes
HasBeenEaten Yes Yes
GetFatiguePercentage Yes Yes
GetPCIsClass Yes Yes
GetPCIsRace Yes Yes
GetPCIsSex Yes Yes
GetPCInFaction Yes Yes
SameFactionAsPC Yes Yes
SameRaceAsPC Yes Yes
SameSexAsPC Yes Yes
GetIsReference Yes Yes
SetFactionRank Yes Yes
ModFactionRank Yes Yes
KillActor Yes Yes
ResurrectActor Yes Yes
IsTalking Yes Yes
GetWalkSpeed Yes Yes
GetCurrentAIProcedure Yes Yes
GetTrespassWarningLevel Yes Yes
IsTrespassing Yes Yes
IsInMyOwnedCell Yes Yes
GetWindSpeed Yes Yes
GetCurrentWeatherPercent Yes Yes
GetIsCurrentWeather Yes Yes
IsContinuingPackagePCNear Yes Yes
AddScriptPackage Yes Yes
RemoveScriptPackage Yes Yes
CanHaveFlames Yes Yes
HasFlames Yes Yes
AddFlames Yes Yes
RemoveFlames Yes Yes
GetOpenState Yes Yes
MoveToMarker Yes Yes
GetSitting Yes Yes
GetFurnitureMarkerID Yes Yes
GetIsCurrentPackage Yes Yes
IsCurrentFurnitureRef Yes Yes
IsCurrentFurnitureObj Yes Yes
SetSize CSize Shrink/Grow an actor. player.shrink 0.0 or radius Yes Yes
RemoveMe Yes Yes
DropMe Yes Yes
GetFactionReaction Yes Yes
SetFactionReaction Yes Yes
ModFactionReaction Yes Yes
GetDayOfWeek Yes Yes
IgnoreCrime Yes Yes
GetTalkedToPCParam Yes Yes
RemoveAllItems Yes Yes
WakeUpPC Yes Yes
IsPCSleeping Yes Yes
IsPCAMurderer Yes Yes
SetCombatStyle Yes Yes
PlaySound3D Yes Yes
SelectPlayerSpell Yes Yes
GetDetectionLevel Yes Yes
IsActorDetected Yes Yes
GetEquipped Yes Yes
Wait Yes Yes
StopWaiting Yes Yes
IsSwimming Yes Yes
ScriptEffectElapsedSeconds Yes Yes
SetCellPublicFlag setpublic Set public flag on cell. setpublic <MyCell> 1 Yes Yes
GetPCSleepHours Yes Yes
SetPCSleepHours Yes Yes
GetAmountSoldStolen Yes Yes
ModAmountSoldStolen Yes Yes
GetIgnoreCrime Yes Yes
GetPCExpelled Yes Yes
SetPCExpelled Yes Yes
GetPCFactionMurder Yes Yes
SetPCFactionMurder Yes Yes
GetPCEnemyofFaction Yes Yes
SetPCEnemyofFaction Yes Yes
GetPCFactionAttack Yes Yes
SetPCFactionAttack Yes Yes
UnusedFunction21 Yes Yes
UnusedFunction22 Yes Yes
GetDestroyed Yes Yes
SetDestroyed Yes Yes
GetActionRef Yes Yes
GetSelf Yes Yes
GetContainer Yes Yes
GetForceRun Yes Yes
SetForceRun Yes Yes
GetForceSneak Yes Yes
SetForceSneak Yes Yes
AdvancePCSkill Yes Yes
AdvancePCLevel Yes Yes
HasMagicEffect Yes Yes
GetDefaultOpen Returns 1 if this object is open by default. Yes Yes
SetDefaultOpen A value of 1 will make the object open by default. Yes Yes
ShowClassMenu Yes Yes
ShowRaceMenu Brings up the Sex/Race/Appearance menu Yes Yes
GetAnimAction Return the actors current anim action. Yes Yes
ShowNameMenu Yes Yes
SetOpenState A value of 1 will make the object open. Yes Yes
UnusedFunction26 Yes Yes
IsSpellTarget Yes Yes
GetVATSMode Yes Yes
GetPersuasionNumber Yes Yes
GetSandman Yes Yes
GetCannibal Yes Yes
GetIsClassDefault Yes Yes
GetClassDefaultMatch Yes Yes
GetInCellParam Yes Yes
SetInChargen A value of 1 will be in chargen. Yes Yes
GetCombatTarget Yes Yes
GetPackageTarget Yes Yes
ShowSpellMaking Yes Yes
GetVatsTargetHeight Yes Yes
SetGhost A value of 1 will make the NPC act as a 'ghost'. Yes Yes
GetIsGhost Returns 1 if the actor is acting as a 'ghost'. Yes Yes
EquipItem Yes Yes
UnequipItem Yes Yes
SetClass Yes Yes
SetUnconscious A value of 1 will be unconscious. Yes Yes
GetUnconscious Returns 1 if is unconscious. Yes Yes
SetRestrained A value of 1 will be restrained. Yes Yes
GetRestrained Returns 1 if is restrained. Yes Yes
ForceFlee Flee Forces a actor to flee if destination or cell is passed in uses them Yes Yes
GetIsUsedItem Yes Yes
GetIsUsedItemType Yes Yes
UnusedFunction9 Yes Yes
UnusedFunction10 Yes Yes
UnusedFunction11 Yes Yes
UnusedFunction12 Yes Yes
UnusedFunction13 Yes Yes
UnusedFunction14 Yes Yes
GetIsPlayableRace Yes Yes
GetOffersServicesNow Yes Yes
GetGameSetting Yes Yes
StopCombatAlarmOnActor Yes Yes
GetUsedItemLevel Yes Yes
GetUsedItemActivate Yes Yes
SetWeather sw Sets the active weather to the specified type Yes Yes
ForceTakeCover TakeCover Forces a actor to move away from the target actor for a period of time Yes Yes
ModBarterGold Yes Yes
SetBarterGold Yes Yes
GetBarterGold Yes Yes
IsTimePassing Yes Yes
IsPleasant Yes Yes
IsCloudy Yes Yes
TrapUpdate Yes Yes
SetQuestObject Yes Yes
ForceActorValue ForceAV Does modav XXX (value - getav XXX). player.forceav luck 25 Yes Yes
ModPCSkill ModPCS Modify the Players Skill. modpcs Blunt, 10 Yes Yes
ModPCAttribute ModPCA Modify an actor value. modpca luck, 10 Yes Yes
EnableFastTravel Yes Yes
GetArmorRatingUpperBody Yes Yes
GetParentRef Yes Yes
PlayBink Yes Yes
GetBaseActorValue GetBaseAV Get a base actor value. player.getbaseav luck Yes Yes
IsOwner get the ownership of the ref Yes Yes
SetOwnership Yes Yes
IsCellOwner get the ownership of the ref Yes Yes
SetCellOwnership Yes Yes
IsHorseStolen Yes Yes
SetCellFullName Yes Yes
SetActorFullName Yes Yes
IsLeftUp Yes Yes
IsSneaking Yes Yes
IsRunning Yes Yes
GetFriendHit Yes Yes
IsInCombat Yes Yes
SetPackDuration Yes Yes
PlayMagicShaderVisuals Yes Yes
PlayMagicEffectVisuals Yes Yes
StopMagicShaderVisuals Yes Yes
StopMagicEffectVisuals Yes Yes
ResetInterior Yes Yes
IsAnimPlaying Yes Yes
SetActorAlpha Yes Yes
EnableLinkedPathPoints Yes Yes
DisableLinkedPathPoints Yes Yes
IsInInterior Yes Yes
ForceWeather fw Forces the active weather to the specified type, without transition. Yes Yes
ToggleActorsAI Yes Yes
IsActorsAIOff Yes Yes
IsWaterObject Water condition used for drinking animation. Yes Yes
UnusedFunction15 Yes Yes
IsActorUsingATorch Yes Yes
SetLevel Yes Yes
ResetFallDamageTimer Yes Yes
IsXBox Yes Yes
GetInWorldspace Yes Yes
ModPCMiscStat Yes Yes
GetPCMiscStat Yes Yes
IsActorEvil Yes Yes
IsActorAVictim Yes Yes
GetTotalPersuasionNumber Yes Yes
SetScale Set the scale of an object Yes Yes
ModScale Modify the scale of an object Yes Yes
GetIdleDoneOnce Yes Yes
KillAllActors Yes Yes
GetNoRumors Yes Yes
SetNoRumors Yes Yes
Dispel Yes Yes
WhichServiceMenu Yes Yes
TriggerHitShader Yes Yes
FunctionUnused16 Yes Yes
Reset3DState Yes Yes
IsRidingHorse Yes Yes
DispelAllSpells Yes Yes
UnusedFunction17 Yes Yes
AddAchievement Yes Yes
DuplicateAllItems Yes Yes
IsInDangerousWater Yes Yes
EssentialDeathReload Yes Yes
SetShowQuestItems Yes Yes
DuplicateNPCStats Yes Yes
ResetHealth Yes Yes
SetIgnoreFriendlyHits sifh Set whether an actor should ignore friendly hits (0-no, 1-yes) Yes Yes
GetIgnoreFriendlyHits gifh See if an actor is ignoring friendly hits Yes Yes
IsPlayersLastRiddenHorse Yes Yes
SetActorRefraction Yes Yes
SetItemValue Yes Yes
SetRigidBodyMass Yes Yes
ShowViewerStrings Yes Yes
ReleaseWeatherOverride Yes Yes
SetAllReachable Yes Yes
SetAllVisible Yes Yes
SetNoAvoidance Yes Yes
SendTrespassAlarm Yes Yes
SetSceneIsComplex Yes Yes
Autosave Yes Yes
StartMasterFileSeekData Yes Yes
DumpMasterFileSeekData Yes Yes
IsActor Yes Yes
IsEssential Yes Yes
PreloadMagicEffect Yes Yes
ShowDialogSubtitles Yes Yes
UnusedFunction27 Yes Yes
IsPlayerMovingIntoNewSpace Yes Yes
UnusedFunction28 Yes Yes
UnusedFunction29 Yes Yes
GetTimeDead Yes Yes
GetPlayerHasLastRiddenHorse Yes Yes
GetLinkedRef Yes Yes
DamageObject Yes Yes
IsChild Yes Yes
UnusedFunction1 Yes Yes
GetLastPlayerAction Yes Yes
IsPlayerActionActive Yes Yes
SetTalkingActivatorActor Yes Yes
IsTalkingActivatorActor Yes Yes
ShowBarterMenu Yes Yes
IsInList Yes Yes
UnusedFunction18 Yes Yes
AddPerk Yes Yes
RewardXP Yes Yes
ShowHackingMiniGame Yes Yes
ShowSurgeryMenu Yes Yes
ShowRepairMenu Yes Yes
FunctionUnused19 Yes Yes
AddNote Yes Yes
RemoveNote Yes Yes
GetHasNote Yes Yes
AddToFaction Yes Yes
RemoveFromFaction Yes Yes
DamageActorValue DamageAV Damage an actor value. Yes Yes
RestoreActorValue RestoreAV Restore an actor value. Yes Yes
TriggerHUDShudder hudsh Trigger shudder effect on HUD. Params=Intensity/Duration. Yes Yes
SetDisposition SetDisp Sets the disposition with modifiers Yes Yes
ShowComputersInterface Yes Yes
SetGlobalTimeMultiplier Yes Yes
GetHitLocation What BGSBodyPart::LIMB_ENUM was hit. -1 = none, 0 = torso, ... Yes Yes
IsPC1stPerson pc1st Is the player playing in 1st person mode? Yes Yes
PurgeCellBuffers pcb Forcibly unloads all unattached cells in cell buffers. Yes Yes
PushActorAway Yes Yes
SetActorsAI Yes Yes
ClearOwnership Yes Yes
GetCauseofDeath What killed the actor Yes Yes
IsLimbGone Is BGSBodyPart::LIMB_ENUM been dismembered Yes Yes
IsWeaponInList Is the current weapon in the form list Yes Yes
PlayIdle Play this idle on the current actor. Yes Yes
ApplyImageSpaceModifier imod Adds an imagespace modifier to the active list Yes Yes
RemoveImageSpaceModifier rimod Removes an imagespace modifier from the active list Yes Yes
HasFriendDisposition Yes Yes
FunctionUnused20 Yes Yes
FriendDispositionBoost Yes Yes
SetCellImageSpace Yes Yes
ShowChargenMenu Yes Yes
GetVATSValue Yes Yes
IsKiller Yes Yes
IsKillerObject Yes Yes
GetFactionCombatReaction Yes Yes
UseWeapon Yes Yes
EvaluateSpellConditions Yes Yes
ToggleMotionBlur tmb Toggle Motion Blur for the selected reference Yes Yes
Exists Yes Yes
GetGroupMemberCount Yes Yes
GetGroupTargetCount Yes Yes
SetObjectiveCompleted Set objective completion status: 0-Off, 1-On Yes Yes
SetObjectiveDisplayed Set objective displayed status: 0-Off, 1-On Yes Yes
GetObjectiveCompleted Get objective completion status: 0-Off, 1-On Yes Yes
GetObjectiveDisplayed Get objective displayed status: 0-Off, 1-On Yes Yes
SetImageSpace Yes Yes
PipboyRadio prad Control the Pipboy radio. Enable, Disable, Tune Yes Yes
RemovePerk Yes Yes
DisableAllActors Yes Yes
GetIsFormType Yes Yes
GetIsVoiceType Yes Yes
GetPlantedExplosive Yes Yes
CompleteAllObjectives Complete all of a quest's objectives Yes Yes
IsActorTalkingThroughActivator Yes Yes
GetHealthPercentage Yes Yes
SetAudioMultithreading Yes Yes
GetIsObjectType Yes Yes
ShowChargenMenuParams Yes Yes
GetDialogueEmotion Yes Yes
GetDialogueEmotionValue Yes Yes
ExitGame Yes Yes
GetIsCreatureType Yes Yes
SetMerchantContainer Yes Yes
RemoveMerchantContainer Yes Yes
ShowWarning Yes Yes
EnterTrigger Yes Yes
MarkForDelete Yes Yes
AddItemHealthPercent Yes Yes
PlaceAtMeHealthPercent Yes Yes
GetInZone Yes Yes
DisableNavMesh Disable navmesh by FormID Yes Yes
EnableNavMesh Enable navmesh by FormID Yes Yes
HasPerk Yes Yes
GetFactionRelation Yes Yes
IsLastIdlePlayed Yes Yes
SetNPCRadio snr Enable/Disable NPC radio playback: 0-Off, 1-On Yes Yes
SetPlayerTeammate Yes Yes
GetPlayerTeammate Yes Yes
GetPlayerTeammateCount Yes Yes
OpenTeammateContainer Allows you to access the targeted NPC's inventory Yes Yes
ClearFactionPlayerEnemyFlag Yes Yes
ClearActorsFactionsPlayerEnemyFlag Yes Yes
GetActorCrimePlayerEnemy Yes Yes
GetActorFactionPlayerEnemy Yes Yes
SetPlayerTagSkill Yes Yes
IsPlayerTagSkill Yes Yes
GetPlayerGrabbedRef Yes Yes
IsPlayerGrabbedRef Yes Yes
PlaceLeveledActorAtMe Yes Yes
UnusedFunction Yes Yes
ShowLockpickMenu Yes Yes
GetBroadcastState Yes Yes
SetBroadcastState Yes Yes
StartRadioConversation Yes Yes
GetDestructionStage Yes Yes
ClearDestruction Yes Yes
CastImmediateOnSelf Yes Yes
GetIsAlignment Yes Yes
ResetQuest Yes Yes
SetQuestDelay Yes Yes
ForceActiveQuest Yes Yes
GetThreatRatio Yes Yes
MatchFaceGeometry Yes Yes
GetIsUsedItemEquipType Yes Yes
GetPlayerName Yes Yes
FireWeapon Yes Yes
ShowTutorialMenu Yes Yes
AgeRace Yes Yes
MatchRace Yes Yes
SetPCYoung Yes Yes
SexChange Yes Yes
ShowSPECIALBookMenu Yes Yes
GetConcussed Yes Yes
SetZoneRespawns Yes Yes
SetVATSTarget Yes Yes
GetMapMarkerVisible Yes Yes
ResetInventory Yes Yes
ShowSPECIALBookMenuParams Yes Yes
GetPermanentActorValue GetPermAV Get an actor value ignoring temporary modifiers. player.getav luck Yes Yes
GetKillingBlowLimb Which BGSBodyPart::LIMB_ENUM received the killing blow Yes Yes
ShowBarberMenu Opens a menu that enables you to only change your hair style. Yes Yes
ShowPlasticSurgeonMenu Yes Yes
TriggerLODApocalypse Yes Yes
GetWeaponHealthPerc Yes Yes
SetWeaponHealthPerc Yes Yes
ModWeaponHealthPerc Yes Yes
GetRadiationLevel Yes Yes
ShowAllMapMarkers tmm Shows/hides map markers (1 shows, 0 hides)(1 travel(default), 0 no travel)(1 all, 0 all but hidden(default)). Yes Yes
ShowChargenMenuModValues Yes Yes
ResetAI Yes Yes
SetRumble Creates rumble in the controller (left motor) (right motor) (duration) Yes Yes
SetNoActivationSound Set the sound to play when activation fails (Sound) Yes Yes
ClearNoActivationSound Clear the activation failure sound Yes Yes
GetLastHitCritical Yes Yes
PlayMusic Yes Yes
SetLocationSpecificLoadScreensOnly Yes Yes
ResetPipboyManager Yes Yes
SetPCToddler Yes Yes
IsCombatTarget Yes Yes
RewardKarma Used to add or subtract Karma RewardKarma 100 Yes Yes
TriggerScreenBlood tsb Trigger screen blood Yes Yes
GetVATSRightAreaFree Yes Yes
GetVATSLeftAreaFree Yes Yes
GetVATSBackAreaFree Yes Yes
GetVATSFrontAreaFree Yes Yes
GetIsLockBroken Yes Yes
IsPS3 Yes Yes
IsWin32 Yes Yes
GetVATSRightTargetVisible Yes Yes
GetVATSLeftTargetVisible Yes Yes
GetVATSBackTargetVisible Yes Yes
GetVATSFrontTargetVisible Yes Yes
AttachAshPile Yes Yes
SetCriticalStage Yes Yes
IsInCriticalStage Yes Yes
RemoveFromAllFactions Yes Yes
GetXPForNextLevel Yes Yes
ShowLockpickMenuDebug Yes Yes
ForceSave Yes Yes
SetSPECIALPoints Yes Yes
AddSPECIALPoints Yes Yes
SetTagSkills Yes Yes
AddTagSkills Yes Yes
Sin Yes Yes
Cos Yes Yes
Tan Yes Yes
Sqrt Yes Yes
Log Yes Yes
Abs Yes Yes
GetQuestCompleted Yes Yes
ForceTerminalBack Yes Yes
PipBoyRadioOff Yes Yes
AutoDisplayObjectives Yes Yes
IsGoreDisabled Yes Yes
FadeSFX Yes Yes
SetMinimalUse Yes Yes
SetPCCanUsePowerArmor Sets whether or not you can wear power armor. Use 1 to enable it or 0 to disable it. SetPCCanUserPowerArmor 1 Yes Yes
ShowQuestStages Yes Yes
GetSpellUsageNum Yes Yes
ForceRadioStationUpdate Yes Yes
GetActorsInHigh Yes Yes
HasLoaded3D Yes Yes
DisableAllMines Yes Yes
SetLastExtDoorActivated Yes Yes
KillQuestUpdates Yes Yes
IsImageSpaceActive Yes Yes
SetReputation Yes
AddReputation Yes
RemoveReputation Yes
AddReputationExact Yes
RemoveReputationExact Yes
GetReputation Yes
GetReputationPct Yes
GetReputationThreshold Yes
TriggerScreenSplatter tssp Yes
ClearScreenSplatter cssp Yes
SetScreenSplatterTexture sspt Yes
SetScreenSplatterFade sspf Yes
ShowLoveTesterMenu sltm Yes
ShowLoveTesterMenuParams sltmp Yes
ShowTraitSelectMenu stsm Yes
SetSecuritronExpression setsecexp Yes
RemoveAllTypedItems Yes
IsHardcore Yes
SetHardcore Yes
ToggleDemigodMode TDM Yes
DetonatePlacedExplosives dpe Yes
GetOwnerLastTarget golt Yes
MoveToMarkerWithFade MoveToFade Yes
ShowRecipeMenu craft Yes
ShowSlotMachineMenu sslm Yes
ShowSlotMachineMenuParams sslmp Yes
ShowBlackJackMenu sbjm Yes
ShowBlackJackMenuParams sbjmp Yes
ShowRouletteMenu srm Yes
ShowRouletteMenuParams srmp Yes
IsCodeRedeemed Yes
RedeemCode Yes
GetForceHitReaction Yes
ShowCaravanMenu crvn Yes
AddCardToPlayer addcard Yes
GetCasinoWinningsLevel Yes
SetCasinoWinningsLevel Yes
UnlockChallenge Yes
ChallengeLocked Yes
IsPlayerInRegion Yes
SetCasinoCheatLevel casinocheat Yes
GetCasinoWinningStage Yes
PlaceAtReticle Yes
PlayerInRegion Yes
ObjectUnderReticle Yes
GetChallengeCompleted Yes
RevokeCode Yes
ShowTraitMenu traitmenu Yes
SwapTextureOnRef SwapTexture Yes
DisableHardcoreTracking babby Yes
IsAlwaysHardcore behemoth Yes
RemoveRecurringFromChallenge rrfc Yes
ResetXP resetxp Yes
GetDLCCount dlccount Yes
IsDLCInstalled hasdlc Yes
EnableLoadingMenu Yes
IsLoadingMenuEnabled LoadMenuCheck Yes
IsActorRefEssential Yes
SetActorRefEssential Yes
IsNoHumanGoreExe Yes
IncrementScriptedChallenge Yes
PersistentRefCount prc Yes
AlwaysShowActorSubtitles Yes
SetRadioToDialogueOnlyMode Yes
ShowSleepWaitMenu Yes
GetContainerInventoryCount Yes
SystemSave Yes
PrintTrackedCells Yes
ClearTrackedCells Yes
EnableCellTracking Yes
GetInCharGen Yes