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For radio station, see Galaxy News Radio (radio). For quest, see Galaxy News Radio (quest). For location, see GNR building plaza.
Galaxy News Radio
Company data
ProductsRadio broadcasting
CountryUnited States of America
LocationsGNR building plaza
Corporate connections
Parent entityGalaxy News Network

Galaxy News Radio (GNR) was a pre-War media company and part of the Galaxy News Network. In its prime, GNR was one of the most prominent radio networks in the United States, responsible for delivering quality music, programming, and jingoistic news broadcasts to American homes. It featured a large number of varied programs, including localized broadcasts like The Silver Shroud radio serial, up to 420 episodes by the time of the Great War.[1]

Although the nuclear war ended further production, GNR was reborn in 2272, when Three Dog took control of the derelict GNR Building in downtown Washington D.C., and began broadcasting under the old brand name.[2]


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