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Galactic Zone
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Map MarkerGalactic Zone
Part ofNuka-World
BuildingsStarport Nuka
Vault-Tec: Among the Stars
Starlight Interstellar Theater
Nuka Galaxy
RobCo Battlezone
QuestsStar Control
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TerminalsGalactic Zone terminals

The Galactic Zone opened to the public in 2072, making it the last of the Nuka-World parks to open before the bombs fell.

Fallout 4 loading screen hints

The Galactic Zone is a park of Nuka-World.


Opening in 2072, the Galactic Zone was the last attraction of Nuka-World to open before the Great War.[1][2] The most advanced of the amusement parks found in Nuka-World, the Nuka-Cola Corporation partnered with the Vault-Tec Corporation, RobCo Industries, ArcJet Systems and Starlight Theaters: Vault-Tec sponsored Vault-Tec: Among the Stars, RobCo created their Battlezone, ArcJet sponsored the thrusters on the Nuka-Galaxy roller coaster, and Starlight Theaters opened a theater.[3]


This is an enclosed amusement park, filled with advanced and hostile robots: Mr Frothys, Eyebots, and Nukatrons. Directly across from the main entrance is the Starport Nuka ride, with the Starlight Interstellar Theater in the southern side, neighboring Vault-Tec: Among the Stars, and the RobCo Battlezone and Nuka-Galaxy in the northern half.

  • Blast Off!
  • Nuka Rockets
  • Handy Whirl
  • ArcJet G-Force
  • Splashdown

Notable loot

  • The Nuka-Cooler recipe is found just north of the ground floor entrance of Vault-Tec: Among the Stars; it rests on a magazine display shelf in a gift shop.


The Galactic Zone appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


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