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This page is about the location. For the quest, see Galaxy News Radio (quest). For the radio station, see Galaxy News Radio (radio).
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GNR building plaza
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Map MarkerGNR Building Plaza
Part ofChevy Chase
FactionsLyons' Brotherhood of Steel
QuestsFollowing in His Footsteps
Galaxy News Radio
Cell NameGNRBattleground (ext.)
GNR02 (studios)
ref id0001cbf5 (ext.)
0001a279 (studios)
Galaxy News Radio.svg
Galaxy News Radio
GNR Studios.svg
Map of GNR Studios

GNR Building Plaza is a building in Washington, D.C. It is home to the radio broadcast of the same name, and also functions as a Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel stronghold.


The massive, concrete shell of Galaxy News Network's radio company weathered the nuclear storm on 2077 well. Although the building suffered damage through deterioration, most of it remained intact. Surprisingly intact, even, as in 2272[1] Three Dog and Margaret moved in who, in return for protection and tech support, gave the Brotherhood access to the Galaxy News Radio plaza and spoke well of the Brotherhood. From that point onward, it became a Brotherhood stronghold in the DC sea of ruins, doubling as a propaganda radio station for Lyons.[2]

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The Galaxy News Radio building and GNR Plaza are located in the Chevy Chase district. The first and easiest way is to make your way to Farragut West Station and go through the utility tunnels. After a brief fight with some ghouls, the player should find themselves in the Tenleytown/Friendship station tunnels. Following the tracks to the Tenleytown half (go right), the player will find two super mutants fighting Lyons' Pride in an alley.

GNR Plaza is the focus point of a battle between super mutants and the Brotherhood of Steel. The area consists of a sculptured fountain in the center and a caved-in metro entrance. The entrance to the station itself is fortified with sandbags and several Brotherhood members stand post at the steps and at balconies off to the side. During the quest one of the five known super mutant behemoths will spawn.


The main lobby of GNR is heavily fortified with sandbags and other barricades as well as several named Brotherhood of Steel members armed with flamers, missile launchers, and laser rifles. To the left and right are doors leading to the balconies outside as well as some bathrooms. There are some first aid boxes and ammunition boxes scattered throughout the lobby.

Upstairs are some offices and the recording studio, and where Three Dog resides. Another door leads to the back exit, which is a one-way door.

Notable loot

  • Big Book of Science located in the GNR Studios near a red chair. This book must be stolen.
  • A dead Brotherhood of Steel Paladin with a Fat Man and 8 mini nukes is found outside GNR during the encounter with the super mutant behemoth, if Sarah Lyons is with you; he will not be there otherwise.
  • Random pieces of crafting equipment can be found on the first level, behind the sand bags.

Related quests


  • It is possible to find a picture of the building under the notes section of your Pip-Boy. There may have been a possible reward in Megaton for finding the picture.
  • Prior to fending off the super mutant horde, the main doors will be locked and inaccessible by the player. Just 'buzz' the intercom after the super mutant behemoth is defeated, the door will be unlocked.
  • It is possible to skip coming to GNR Plaza if you talk to Dr. Li about where your father went; she will inform you about Jefferson Memorial, allowing you to continue the main quest.
  • If you skipped coming to the Plaza by talking to Pinkerton, then Sentinel Lyons and all the other BOS that would normally be there won't be, and if you check the terminals at the citadel it still lists initiate Reddin as KIA even though the battle never occurred, also the super mutants will still be there as if you hadn't skipped the Plaza.
  • It possible that you will still encounter enemies if you return using fast travel.
  • If you don't get the kill-shot on the behemoth, it is possible to lose the achievement/trophy The Bigger They Are.... Although in most cases it does not matter who gets the kill.
  • Walking into Chevy Chase can trigger the battle of the Galaxy News Radio's plaza.
  • The other way in is the eastern side entrance of the building which requires some climbing, as there is no easy way to this side. Once on the side, there is a locked door (very hard) that will result in lost Karma if picked.


Galaxy News Radio appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Unlike most Brotherhood of Steel members in Fallout 3, if any of the unnamed soldiers die in front of the plaza, they will never respawn.



  1. Galaxy News Radio: "Good golly, Holly. This is the worst thing to happen to our neighborhood since the HOA instituted their mandatory "scavenged rags" dress code. From Rivet City to downtown D.C., the Enclave is on the scene and setting up shop. Children, I don't care if you've ignored every other word that's come out of my mouth for the past five years. Please. Hear me now, and believe. The Enclave, and that includes their Homecoming King, "President" John Henry Eden and his gorilla Colonel Augustus Autumn, are NOT here to help you. Wake up, children the Enclave have a giant truck full 'o Brahmin, and they've been spoon-feeding you the bullshit. These guys are schemers, crooks, and killers, and the sooner you all realize that and stand up to their oppression, the better. That, my friends, is fighting the good fight."
    (Three Dog's dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "I'm amazed you're still alive."
    Three Dog: "Oh I have plenty of enemies that would love nothing more than to put a bullet between my eyes. The only thing keeping that from happening is Sarah Lyons and the Brotherhood of Steel. We've brokered a sweet deal. They keep me from taking a dirt nap, and I keep a strong roof over their head."
    (Three Dog's dialogue)