GDA Fusion

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GDA Fusion
Company data
IndustryFusion energy
ProductsHousehold fusion generators
Key peopleJulius Browne, VP, Marketing & PR
CountryUnited States of America
Corporate connections
RelatedVerdant-Air Wind Power

GDA Fusion was a company specializing in fusion energy, down to household fusion generators. Not known for adherence to safety, the company was responsible for poisoning the groundwater around its fusion plants. Instead of cleanup, the company elected to focus on marketing and manipulation of public consciousness. The Verdant-Air Wind Power company was founded to promote GDA as an environmentally-friendly company among senators and representatives vacationing in Maine. It was never meant to amount to anything but PR. When the head of Verdant-Air, Dr Rydecker, proposed focusing on wind power as a "perpetually sustainable power" source, the company did what any late stage capitalist company would do: They immediately moved to cover up the breakthrough and shut down the project, so that it wouldn't undercut GDA's portable fusion generator sales.[1]