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Fun House
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Map MarkerFun House
FactionsNuka-Cola Corporation (defunct)
LeadersOswald the Outrageous
QuestsA Magical Kingdom
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The Fun House is a location in Kiddie Kingdom of Nuka-World.


A classic funhouse, this extensive facility is essentially a large maze, designed to amuse and amaze at one point. Now its attractions were turned to lethal traps that test the resilience of any one passing through.


The Fun House is a linear affair, but hardly straightforward. Each section has a different trick up its sleeve and is designed to test your resolve and mettle. The left door is chained, so the door on the right is the only option. In order, the fun rooms are:

  1. The Hall of Mirrors is mostly a confined, confusing maze. The mirrors don't work, but the frag mines under the feet of visitors certainly do.
  2. The "Exit" is a large conveyor belt. Pass it by sprinting, but watch for the grenade bouquet at the end.
  3. The turning platforms require jumping to jump between, or else one falls into ghoul infested, radioactive water. Otherwise, it's safe.
  4. The hypnotic halls can wreak havoc on your balance and cause nausea. You can shut them down from the terminal. Note that the last tunnel has two holes in it that will cause you to fall down and force backtracking through the turning platforms.
  5. The Escher room, where everything is flipped on its head... or side. Mostly safe, aside from the amusement factor and possible vertigo from watching unnaturally angled walls.
  6. The disk room is confusing, spinning, filled with ghouls, and well worth checking out. There is a total of 11 doors, not counting the door to the Escher room; going clock wise from the Escher room, there is:
    1. a door that opens to nothing.
    2. a radioactive room with a hidden Cappy (for Cappy in a Haystack) and a Nuka-Cade ticket roll.
    3. a nursery with a crib.
    4. an door leading back to the Fun House entrance.
    5. a couple of teddy bears watching TV.
    6. a hypnotic tunnel disk.
    7. a bathroom.
    8. a flamethrower trap and a skeleton being murdered in the shower.
    9. an optical illusion of a long hallway that get smaller towards the end.
    10. a room filled with gore and blood spattered Bottle.
    11. three toys having a sitting around a table counting cash, and an Advanced-locked safe.

After exiting the fun house, a utility hall on the left leads to the building's control room, which hosts the building's control system.

Notable loot

  • The third issue of SCAV!, along with a Nuka-Cola Quantum, is found beside a dead raider in the hypnotic halls. The raider is found at a dead end in the northeast corner of the room.
  • The Nuka-Lixir recipe is in the control room, on the control system terminal.
  • A fusion core and an X-Cell are in the overhead mirror cabinet in the Escher room. One must jump to access it.

Behind the scenes

Behind one of the doors in spinning floor room is a cultural reference to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. In the room a manikin holds a combat knife in front of a shower with a skeleton shielding itself in the exact manner as the infamous shower scene.


The Fun House appears only in Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.