Fuel cell regulator

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Fuel cell regulator
Value$ 0
QuestsGet car part for Smitty.
Prototype ID00000254
Message FilePRO ITEM.MSG

Some car-owners installed this regulator, that doubles your car's mileage between charges, but most drivers didn't care how much juice their cars consumed, after all, power's cheap and plentiful so why worry.

The fuel cell regulator is a quest item in Fallout 2.


Smitty can install the regulator in the Highwayman once the fuel cell controller is brought to him. The installation costs $750, but halves the rate at which the power is depleted.


  • This item can be found in Trapper Town in Klamath, in the car above the fence, which can be reached by navigating the Rat Caves. It will automatically be placed into your inventory when you click on the vehicle's inside.