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From Within
From Within.gif
Quest data
LocationThe Prydwen
The Institute
Given ByArthur Maxson
Reward350 XP
Editor IDBoS203
Base ID0009ff4e
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leads to:
Liberty Reprimed
Outside the Wire

From Within is a quest that can be obtained within the Commonwealth, in Fallout 4.


With the Brotherhood of Steel getting closer and closer to fully establishing themselves within the Commonwealth, it is discovered that Doctor Madison Li truly had succeeded in her endeavors to reach and join the Institute, and is now sought after by Elder Maxson, in correlation with a secret project that requires her particular expertise. Whether she can be convinced to leave her work at the Institute, is an entirely different story altogether.


  1. Once the Sole Survivor has discovered a way to infiltrate the Institute, regardless of whether they went through the BoS in order to build the teleporter and signal interceptor, Elder Maxson will demand of them to seek out Doctor Madison Li, and persuade her to betray the Institute and return to the BoS for work on a secret military project.
  2. Once Doctor Li has been discovered as the head of advanced technologies division, she can persuaded to leave the Institute due to her unhappiness with how the Directorate lies to its own fellow scientists, and keeps unnecessary secrets. Should persuasion fail, the Sole Survivor will need to report their failure to the elder.
  3. Alternatively, the Sole Survivor may gain access to the hidden away F.E.V. labs, and discover proof of the actual incident behind Virgil's disappearance, which, when shown to Doctor Li, will cause for her to lose any and all faith in the Institute, and will immediately re-pledge her loyalties to the BoS.
  4. Regardless of how Doctor Li is dealt with, the Sole Survivor will need to report to Elder Maxson.

Quest stages

10 Locate Doctor LiI should report to Elder Maxson on the Prydwen as soon as possible.
20 Speak to Doctor Li in Advanced Systems
30 Retrieve evidence to convince Doctor LiDuring my infiltration of the Institute, Elder Maxson has ordered me to make contact with a Doctor Madison Li and convince her to work on a "special project" for the Brotherhood of Steel.
40 Bring the holotape to Doctor Li
50 Report to Elder MaxsonIn order to ensure Doctor Li's trust, I've agreed to recover evidence regarding an accident that supposedly killed her colleague, Doctor Virgil. His former lab is in a sealed section of the Biosciences Division.
65 I've caused a disturbance within the Institute which has made my mission to secure Doctor Li's assistance impossible. I should return to Elder Maxson with the bad news.
70 Doctor Li has been killed. I should return to Elder Maxson with the bad news.
80 I've provided Doctor Li with evidence that the Institute was lying about Doctor Virgil's "death." As a result, she's agreed to return to the Brotherhood of Steel.


Due to my actions, I'm no longer welcome at the Institute. I was therefore unable to convince Doctor Li to return to the Brotherhood of Steel. I'll have to report the failure of my mission to Elder Maxson.
255Quest finishedI've informed Elder Maxson that Doctor Li is on her way back to the airport to work on the Brotherhood of Steel's "special project."


As a result of my actions, Doctor Li's assistance will be impossible. Elder Maxson will have to find someone else to work on the Brotherhood of Steel's "special project."
355Quest failed


Make sure to grab the experimental serum from the F.E.V. labs! The serum needs to be returned to Virgil after first gaining access to the Institute, as prolonged working for the Institute will result in Virgil becoming hostile, as either returning to him without the serum, or having strong ties to the Institute will make him permanently angry.

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