Fringe Cove docks

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Fringe Cove docks
Fo4 Fringe Cove Docks.png
Map MarkerFringe Cove Docks
QuestsCleansing the Land
Cell NameDLC03FringeCoveDocks
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Fringe Cove docks is the ruins of a port on Mount Desert Island.


The area consists of a central warehouse and its surrounding storage buildings, garages and waterlogged ships. Wandering around the central warehouse and down the broken docks allows access to the otherwise Master-locked warehouse. A mirelurk king is resting there.

Notable loot

  • The nuclear key needed to launch USS Democracy's payload is in the sunken motorboat just west of the docks.
  • The Fringe Cove dock key is in the steamer trunk. It unlocks the warehouse's Master-locked door.
  • Further west of the coast is a sunken cannon with several cannonballs in the crate next to it.


  • There is a doctor garden gnome inside the yellow shipping containers to the northwest. He is wearing sunglasses, smoking a cigar and holding a stimpak while standing on a first aid kit.
  • The central warehouse contains the skeleton of an unfortunate worker who was crushed by boxes when the floor collapsed.


Fringe Cove docks appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.