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Freeside NCR Squatters Incident
Kings end slide 02.png
LocationMojave Wasteland
ResultDependent on Courier's actions: NCR withdrawal from Freeside and Freeside remains independent, or, NCR, House, or the Legion, occupies Freeside, or, Freeside is completely wiped out and is deserted.
Involved parties
KingsNew California Republic
The King
Ambassador Crocker
Colonel Moore
King's thugsNew California Republic Army
Connected events
Part of:
Mojave Campaign

The Freeside NCR Squatters Incident refers to a period of tensions between the Kings and Freeside inhabitants and NCR squatters forced to dwell in the area as a result of the Republic's campaign in the Mojave.


The Kings cropped up in Freeside sometime and became a group of rebels protesting against the NCR occupying Freeside. They published a smear campaign against the NCR. When the NCR arrived in 2281 pointing their interests to Freeside, The Kings were mortified. To avoid a War and public outcry, the NCR did not plan a full-scale occupation campaign.


The NCR carried out covert operations, and sending out missionaries and foreign aid workers. Handing out food to NCR squatters, this angered the Kings more, who shunned squatters in the area. The NCR and a Lieutenant ambushed several civilians as well.

Possible outcomes

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# Image Transcript Requirements
1 Kings end slide 01.png With The King dead and most of their gang slain by the Courier, the remaining Kings fled the area, never to be heard from again.

2 Kings end slide 01.png After the NCR victory at Hoover Dam, the temporary truce between them and The Kings blossomed into a full-scale relief effort for the people. While the NCR made repeated entreaties that Freeside join the Republic, The Kings steadfastly maintained their independence.
3 Kings end slide 01.png Accusing The Kings of lying with a foreign invader for their newfound ties to the NCR, Mr. House punished them by ordering their forced removal. The Kings, defiant to the end, were destroyed to the last man by House's Securitrons.
  • Complete G.I. Blues by easing tensions with the NCR.
  • Use the King's favor to convince him to make peace with the NCR.
  • Complete Eureka!
4 Kings end slide 01.png Following the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, Freeside came to be known as one of the more stable areas in the region. Ironically, NCR refugees found Freeside safer than most of the rest of New Vegas, where resentment still lingers.
5 Kings end slide 02.png After their victory at Hoover Dam, the Legion quickly set about destroying all remaining resistance, including any groups with ties to the NCR. Upon discovering The Kings' newfound relationship with the NCR, Legionaires flooded the streets of Freeside, and The Kings were quickly destroyed.
6 Kings end slide 02.png While the NCR was busy fighting the Legion at Hoover Dam, some Kings took it upon themselves to attack NCR citizens and soldiers around Freeside. When the NCR moved to secure the region, they cracked down the hardest on Freeside, sending a full platoon to sweep the neighborhood. Most of The Kings were killed, with the few survivors driven out into the wastes.
7 Kings end slide 01.png During the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, some Kings took it upon themselves to launch several attacks on NCR citizens and soldiers around Freeside. Mr. House looked on these actions favorably, seeing them as proof of The Kings' loyalty to New Vegas, and decided to leave them alone.
8 Kings end slide 01.png In the aftermath of the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, The Kings took the opportunity to viciously force all NCR citizens out of Freeside. Travelers from the Republic quickly learned to avoid Freeside if they valued their safety.
9 Kings end slide 02.png Impressed with The Kings' continued attacks upon NCR citizens and soldiers, the Legion offered them the option of being assimilated into the Legion. The Kings refused, and briefly became slaves in the Legion, but after a failed escape attempt, they were all put to death.
10 Kings end slide 01.png As the NCR moved to secure the region, the occupation of Freeside proved especially problematic. Things remained tense due to numerous incidents, though The Kings were still in nominal control of the area.
11 Kings end slide 02.png Flush with his victory, Mr. House sent Securitrons into Freeside, thinking to increase his control over the area. When fighting broke out, The Kings fought valiantly, but were no match for the armored killing machines, and were wiped out to the last man.
12 Kings end slide 01.png The Kings retained their control of Freeside, and while they continued to favor the needs of locals, they tolerated the citizens of the defeated NCR.
13 Kings end slide 02.png After their victory at Hoover Dam, Legion troops rolled through Freeside. The Kings tried to fight back, but most were killed, and the rest fled into the wasteland.


The Freeside NCR Squatters Incident occurs in Fallout: New Vegas.