Free Ghoul prisoner

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Free Ghoul prisoner
Quest data
Reward500 XP
Location of water chip
Related quests
Find the Water Chip.

Free Ghoul prisoner is a side quest in Fallout.


The quest for the water chip nears its end at the Necropolis. The Vault Dweller can show mercy to a ghoul kept prisoner by the Unity garrison by releasing him from his cell.


  1. Enter the Watershed's pump building. After negotiating the way through Harry and his garrison, locate the ghoul at the end of the building, beyond the water tanks.
  2. Lockpick the cell door or blow it open with an explosive.
  3. The ghoul will reveal that the manhole in the room by his cell leads down to Vault 12 and the water chip.


  • 500 XP and the water chip's location.