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Fort Strong
Fo4 Fort Strong.png
Fo4 Fort Strong loc.png
Map MarkerFort Strong
FactionsUnited States Army (formerly)
Super mutants
QuestsShow No Mercy
Cell NameFortStrongExt
FortStrong01 (armory)
FortStrong02 (sublevel)
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00039c9e (armory)
001bd54a (sublevel)
TerminalsGeneral Brock's Terminal
Bravo Team Testing Terminal

Fort Strong is a location in the Commonwealth.


The site of Fort Strong was used by the American patriots during the Revolution as an artillery battery and the fort itself dates back to the American Civil War. The fort was modernized as part of the Endicott period, however its peak was before World War I. When a large station for handling submarine mines and an anti-aircraft battery was added to the fort's defenses, and manned by over one thousand soldiers. During World War II however all its big guns and all but two of its small gun batteries – that defended channel minefields – were decommissioned. It was declared surplus in 1947[1] and abandoned since the 1950s. It was quietly reoccupied by the military in the 2050s as a top-secret weapons research facility; the interior was retrofitted and a basement level was dug to house the new laboratories and a sizable armory. Live weapons testing began in the 2070s, after they tore down the historic barracks and constructed modern civilian buildings at the base of the armory.[2] Most notably, the M42 Fat Man and its nuclear payloads were developed here.[3] As of 2287 the military facility was occupied by super mutants, until the Battle of Fort Strong.



Outside of the base are over half a dozen bombed out buildings, infested with super mutants. The buildings act as a buffer between the mainland and the Fort Strong armory on the southern tip of the archipelago.

Fort Strong armory

The front foyer of the armory has doors on the left and right leading to various offices. A hole in the ceiling of the auditorium leading some barracks in the south. There is a mess hall in the northeast corner, an elevator in the east that leads down to a sublevel and the general's office in the southwest.

Fort Strong sublevel

Down the elevator, there is a reception area that continues down a hallway. A room on the left contains an armor workbench before coming to a generator room with auxiliary laboratory rooms. A hallway to the north leads to an ordnance storage room.

Notable loot


  • There is a second set of barracks on the second floor in the northern section, but it is completely inaccessible through conventional means. A Fat Man rests on a cabinet in this room.



Fort Strong appears only in Fallout 4.

External links


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  2. Fort Strong terminals; General Brock's Terminal, General Brock's Report - June 2075
  3. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition: "[4.29] FORT STRONG
    Fort Strong is an old military base. The island it sits on was used as a gun battery as far back as the Revolutionary War, and the fort itself dates to the Civil War. It had been abandoned for almost a century when the military quietly reoccupied it in the 2050s for use as a top-secret weapons research facility. The fort’s exterior and outbuildings were left intact, but its interior was retrofitted and a basement level was dug to house the new laboratories and a sizable armory.
    Live weapons testing began on the island in the early 2070s, with the fort’s long-abandoned outbuildings used as targets. Among other weapons, the Fat Man and its Mini Nukes were invented here and first tested on the artillery range. But in October 2077, the island was hastily sealed up and its scientists evacuated. "
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)