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Fort Hagen hangar
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Worldmap Loc Img 136.png
Map MarkerNone (nearest: 'Fort Hagen Satellite Array')
FactionsUnited States Armed Forces (formerly)
Rust Devils
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TerminalsFort Hagen hangar terminals:
Fort Hagen Hangar Lockdown Terminal
Rust Devil Workshop Terminal
Rust Devil Gaming Terminal
Ivey's Terminal
Fort Hagen Hangar Control Terminal

The Fort Hagen hangar is a location in the Commonwealth, after the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron is installed.


An ancient tomb housing the corpses of America's once premier fighting force, the Fort Hagen hangar is full of derelict heavy tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and rusting hulks of combat robots that once made the United States the foremost military power in the world. It is a tell-tale sign that raiders, the Rust Devils, have usurped this former U.S. Armed Forces installation for their own ends, picking through the entombed carcasses.


After descending some stairs, a maglocked door in the east forces one west and down a ramp to a small wooden shack. Beside the shack is a door leading into the main part of the hangar. The lowest floor is a store room for several tanks as well as an infirmary; toward the east end of the room are a couple lounge structures as well as a work area that contains a cabinet and two power armor stations. On the side side of the room is a stairwell leading up to an Advanced-locked terminal that unlocks a door; behind the door is a balcony over the wooden shack previously mentioned.

On the north side of the tank storage room, there is an Expert-locked door that holds another power armor station that holds a full suit of X-01 power armor. Another Expert locked door leading as a shortcut to an adjacent storeroom. In the northeast corner, there is a stairwell leading to a control room, and then down some stairs to the adjacent storeroom.

A door in the west leads to another large room. The lower part has two weapons workbenches and some stairs leading to a higher tier. This tier hosts a ramp. At the base of the ramp, there are two more weapon workbenches, an armor workbench and Jezebel's console; further up the ramp is Ahab.

South of the ramp is the entrance to a storeroom, guarded by scanning tripwires. Through another door, one comes to a generator room with a chemistry station. To the south is a door that leads to another tank storage room. In the southeast corner is a workshop with two power armor stations; further west is a shack that serves as Ivey's living quarters, with her terminal and a couple of beds. North of this is a staircase ascending to a second tier; past some scanning tripwires, is a staircase to to a supervisory office above.

Up some more stairs and past a couple of security gates, one passes another small storeroom back into the first tank storeroom of the hangar. Across a catwalk is an office where Ivey is hiding out; it also contains a weapons workbench and armor workbench. Past this area is a storeroom containing a steamer chest and a door leading back to the entrance of the hangar.

Notable loot

  • A full set of X-01 power armor in the cage next to the tanks.
  • The unique Tesla rifle and Tesla T-60 torso, right arm, and left arm are all equipped by Ivey.
  • Jezebel interview is found on a table on the north side of the throne room, beside a caged robot.
  • A Nuka-Cola Quantum is found beside a terminal on a desk in the generator room, past Jezebel's console.
  • The unique salvaged assaultron head, and semi-unique assaultron blade and Mr. Handy buzz blade can be found in the storeroom with a steamer trunk in the room beyond Ivey's office.
  • A Fat Man and two mini nukes are found behind the Expert-locked security gate in the first room beyond Ivey's office. A third mini nuke can be found on the shelf next to the nearby steamer trunk.


The Fort Hagen hangar appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron.