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Fort Hagen
Fo4 Fort Hagen.png
Worldmap Loc Img 133.png
Map MarkerFort Hagen
FactionsUnited States Army (formerly)
The Institute
Cell NameFortHagenExt
FortHagen01 (interior)
FortHagen02 (command center)
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000bb078 (interior)
000cd2ae (command center)
TerminalsKellogg's Terminal

Fort Hagen is a former United States Army base located in the Commonwealth.


Before the Great War, Fort Hagen was an important military command facility.[1] The old Army base incorporates housing for the base's personnel and a variety of medical and repair facilities. Luckily, the Fort proper remains firmly sealed away from scavengers... a perfect base of operations for a man named Conrad Kellogg, the infamous mercenary working for The Institute.[2]



The Fort is accessible from a door one level down in the parking garage, or from a rooftop hatch. The parking garage is on the southern end of the fort, while scaffolding on the northwest side of the fort leads up to the roof.

Ground floor

Rooftop access leads to the ground floor of the base, which served as the offices for government employees. A cooking station lies in a room in the southeast corner of the floor and the exit stairwell leading further down into the base is in the northwest. The stairs lead to several more offices, the southeastern of which contains a chemistry station. The stairway leads further down, leading to the floor accessed by going through the fort's parking garage (detailed below).


The parking garage entrance enters a basement with a stairwell leading up directly on the left, and another hallway interests the entrance. On the north end of the hallway is an elevator that leads up to the main floor; continuing south of this hallway, there is a maintenance room with an weapons workbench and armor workbench a room leading further down some stairs. The hallways and stairwells continue to the Fort Hagen command center.

Fort Hagen command center

The Fort Hagen command center is opens to a room lined wall to wall with terminals and switchboards. However, the doors lining it are all initially locked, forcing exploration down the corridor. The end of the corridor has an elevator (or ladder for Xbox one) leading to the rooftop; there is also a connecting hallway leading south from this corridor, passing by barracks before turning and going down to the a generator room and later a cafeteria. Past the cafeteria is a maintenance tunnel lined with pipes and wires. The tunnel terminates in another section holding some living quarters before getting to the command center proper, which holds Kellogg.

Related quests

  • Reunions takes place inside this facility.

Notable loot

  • The Energy Weapons Bobblehead can be found on a table in the command center kitchen.
  • The "Lasers & Hunting" issue of Guns and Bullets on the table in the kitchen right next to the roof entrance.
  • The "Squeaky Floorboard, Sudden Death" edition of U.S. Covert Operations Manual is on a desk in a living quarter at the end of the maintenance tunnel in the command center.
  • The Pipfall edition of RobCo Fun is found on the desk next to Kellogg's terminal
  • A Nuka-Cola Quantum is found in the command center, just south of the cafeteria. It can be seen through a semicircle window at the base of the stairs.
  • A Fat Man and mini nuke are found in a munitions lock up just outside of the maintenance tunnel, by the living quarters.


Fort Hagen appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Fallout 4 loading screen hints: "In the years before the war, Fort Hagen was an important military command facility. Today, it is used as a base of operations for Kellogg, the cybernetically-enhanced mercenary employed by the Institute."
  2. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.309-310: "[3.12] FORT HAGEN
    An old army base with a small surrounding town and medical hospital, Fort Hagen is now firmly sealed away from scavengers. Inspect the exterior and locate the parking structure under the building, with the entrance to the south. The first level down has a chemistry station and some health."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)