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Forest Grove marsh
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Map MarkerForest Grove Marsh
BuildingsCharles River Lock and Dam
QuestsBotany Class (Diamond City Freeform)
Cell NameForestGroveMarshExt
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The Forest Grove marsh is a location in the Commonwealth.


Forest Grove was once a small, scenic town overlooking the Charles River. Now it's a fetid marsh, courtesy of the nonfunctional river lock and the failure of riverside flood walls. The leaking reactor at the lock poisoned the waters, attracting feral ghouls. This combination has driven off all but the most inquisitive or reckless scavengers. The dam however is home to a small scavenger camp, where transients occasionally stop for the night.[1]

Mutated fern plants are known to grow at Forest Grove marsh, and are sought for radiation resisting properties.[2] A small crew recently set up walkways all over the town to cultivate and harvest the ferns for Solomon in Diamond City, but they were all killed when their activities inadvertently attracted ferals.[3]


All of the buildings of the town have makeshift bridges between them entire to facilitate navigation over the feral infested marsh below. There are few notable buildings, with the exception of a gun store (which contains a weapons workbench upstairs) on the western edge of the flooded area in the northern half of the town. On the roof of this gun store is a small scavenger camp with a steamer trunk.

To the north is the defunct river lock, which has a dry docked boat inside. A small metal shack west of the lock contains an armor workbench. East of the river lock is its operations room, which has a trapdoor in the back, hidden behind some boxes that leads to the reactor level. Further east is another small scavenger camp, which has a cooking station and a few beds.

In the middle of the river is a derelict Lustron house, which apparently wound there up in a mudslide.

Notable loot

  • Sheila's holotape: next to the steamer trunk, on top of the gun store on the west side of town.


Forest Grove marsh appears only in Fallout 4.


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    Forest Grove Marsh is a series of residential and other small buildings that have sunken and been flooded by the river. Some radioactive leak below the area has irradiated the water, and though scavengers have tried to put up walkways across the rooftops of the buildings to explore the houses, the numerous Ghouls in the area have stopped all but the most inquisitive or reckless scavengers. Proceed at your own risk.
    With the river waters rising to the south, the nonfunctioning river lock is at the root of the problems Forest Grove Marsh is experiencing. There’s little you can do about it, save scavenging some health from the moored boat within the lock. The metal shack has an armor workbench to tinker on.
    A small scavenger camp with a cooking station, this is occasionally used by scavengers and others passing through. The only permanent resident is a large stuffed space monkey."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)
  2. The Sole Survivor: "Looking for a job, if you got one."
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    (Solomon's dialogue)
  3. Sheila's holotape