Forbidden Zone Dome entrance

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Forbidden Zone Dome entrance
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Map MarkerForbidden Zone Dome Entrance
Part ofBog MT
LeadersDoctor Mobius
QuestsField Research
Old World Blues
Cell NameNVDLC03DomeForbidden (dome)
NVDLC03ForbiddenZone (interior)
ref idxx0016e3 (dome)
xx00402f (interior)
TerminalsForbidden Zone Dome terminals
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It is I, Dr. Mobius, transmitting from my dome-shaped... dome in the Forbidden Zone. A zone... that is, yes... forbidden to you.

— Doctor Mobius' broadcasts, Old World Blues

The X-42 robo-warfare facility, renamed Forbidden Zone Dome after the exile of Dr. Mobius, is a location in the northeast of Big MT in 2281.


Before Dr. Mobius left the Think Tank, the facility was known as the X-42 robo-warfare facility. It was later changed by Mobius after he left. The Think Tank fears the superstitiously the dome and has forbidden any members of the Think Tank from confronting Mobius in it. The door to this facility is locked until the courier has spoken with Dr. Klein as part of the quest Old World Blues.



The workshop area is comprised of a single, very large room that appears to occupy most of the inner volume of the building's dome. In the center is a large cargo elevator, on which rides the X-42 giant robo-scorpion. Around the perimeter of the room are several staircases leading to raised walkways and observation rooms, some containing terminals with information on the giant robo-scorpion. This information can be used to damage or disable the scorpion. One terminal in particular, located on the highest catwalks in the room, says that it can be used to shut down the giant robo-scorpion remotely, but actually resets the giant robo-scorpion to not be hostile to the courier.


The Forbidden Zone's Dome is similar to the Think Tank's, but is in significantly worse condition: the lighting is sickly green, the equipment is rusted, broken, or otherwise mostly unusable, and Dr. Mobius has covered every surface in the main room with intricate scrawls of equations, formulas and notes. In the six smaller rooms located off the upper tier, stored office furniture containing random loot can be found, along with what appears to be Dr. Mobius' private stash of Mentats. Located at the top of the main staircase, in a storage tank, is The Courier's brain.

Notable loot




The Forbidden Zone Dome appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.

Behind the scenes

  • David Lieu created the tileset and handled the propping and lighting in the location.[1]
  • The name of the facility is a reference to the 1956 science fiction film Forbidden Planet. Dr. Mobius himself was partially inspired by the movie's main antagonist, Dr. Edward Morbius.[2]


  • Upon entering, it is possible to become stuck under the platform nearest the entrance. This appears to happen when entering while sneaking.