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Notable MembersFools
Notable LocationsScrapheap

The Fools were a small gang of metal-clad men and women seeking to control the entirety of Scrapheap. They contested Crypts' control over the town's power source, but were too few in numbers to make any kind of move against the superior numbers of their rival gang. They operated out of the Scrapheap's garage, under Baka, a strong, barely sane woman with a Rockwell CZ-53 personal minigun.

Their initiation ritual consists of telling a joke that must impress the rest of the team.


  1. Max Stone: "{146}{}{Tell me about the Fools.}"
    Lex: "{152}{}{Baka leads the Fools. If she had any more men, she'd surely attack the Crypts and try to take back the power generator. You can tell the Crypts from the Fools by their armor. Fools wear metal, Crypts leather.}"