Fog condenser

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A network of fog condensers surrounds Far Harbor.

Fog condenser is a device created by DiMA and Faraday to condense the radioactive fog blanketing Mount Desert Island. Powered by the wind turbines, they collect the particulate from the air and turning it into easily disposable liquid form, ensuring the safety of the town of Far Harbor.[1][2] In exchange for this safety, the people of Far Harbor act as Acadia's lifeline, allowing supplies, synths, and other necessities to come through. The deployment of these condenser has strained relations with the Children of Atom, who consider the fog sacrosanct and any interference with its spread tantamount to sacrilege.[3][4]


  1. The Sole Survivor: "Can you tell me about Acadia?"
    Old Longfellow: "Strange folk like there. Call themselves synths. Seems to me they just want to be left alone. To live their life in peace. They've done some good turns for us islanders. The Fog Condensers, most especially. Wouldn't even be a Far Harbor left without those."
    (Old Longfellow's dialogue)
  2. The Sole Survivor: "What's a Fog Condenser?"
    Old Longfellow: "The Condensers are a tricky bit of science. They keep the Fog away. Powered by the Wind Farm the synth fellas got up and running. Us islanders don't particularly like being obligated to them, but there you have it."
    (Old Longfellow's dialogue)
  3. DiMA
  4. The Sole Survivor: "So, you're a synth?"
    Faraday: "I am... I hope that's not a problem for you. DiMA has worked hard to create a place for us where we can be safe from those who don't accept us. He's put so much of himself into this... All his time and energy, devoted to helping others. He never stops to think of himself. Sometimes I worry about... Well, if I wasn't here to make sure his equipment is all functional... And that's not even mentioning maintaining the fog condensers... So many things to keep track of."
    The Sole Survivor: "Can you tell me about the Fog Condensers?"
    Faraday: "Oh, those? DiMA and I designed them when it became clear the fog was only getting worse. They're effective, but have such a limited range. DiMA insisted we provide them to the people of Far Harbor, and I'm so glad we did. Without the condensers, I'm not sure they'd have anywhere left."
    (Faraday's dialogue)