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For the location at the northern "flooded metro" map marker in Fallout 3, see Arlington/Wasteland Metro. For the unmarked raider camp, see Flooded metro raider camp.
Flooded metro
Fo3 Flooded Metro SW Entrance.png
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The entrance to the flooded metro, the raider camp is off-screen
Flooded Metro (CW) loc.jpg
Map MarkerFlooded Metro
World Map ExitsFlooded Metro
Mason District South
Cell NamexWilderness12 (exterior)
FloodedSewer01 (interior)
ref id00000ddc (exterior)
00017e17 (interior)
Metro Flooded Metro.jpg

The flooded metro (called Minuteman metro station before the War) is a location in the southwest of the urban Washington, D.C. area, between Arlington Library and Red Racer Factory.


Exterior (Capital Wasteland)

The entrance of the flooded metro is located on the side of an old expressway which is littered with decrepit pre-war vahicles. The entrance to this station is located in the middle of a square at the bottom of a set of nonfunctional escalators. On the other side of the expressway lies a large raider camp, whose occupants can easily overpower a lower leveled Wanderer.

Exterior (Mason District)

Main article: Mason District

The station exits into Mason District at Andrew Avenue with some radroaches skittering around radioactive barrels and little else of note. The street leads north, further into the city swarming with super mutants.


The metro itself is mainly caved in, and is a maze of utility tunnels and shafts that mirelurks of all types have taken to inhabiting. It also has a very high complex of stairs leading downwards, breaking into small rooms near the beginning. Be warned that there is a shaft in the middle of this complex; resist the temptation to jump the railing, it's a long fall.

Notable loot


  • One of the biggest chain reaction car explosions in the game can be set off on the street here.
  • This is a random encounter location.
  • In the room with The Shocker there is a bed which can only be slept on if you jump on top of it as approaching it any other way the Lone Wanderer is standing in irradiated water.


The flooded metro appears only in Fallout 3.


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png This area has severe clipping issues (objects falling through floors etc.) that can occur anywhere. These include mirelurks randomly appearing.