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For the RobCo Industries brand robot, see Eyebot.
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Floating eye bots are small security robots, equipped with a taser like weapon and commonly found patrolling pre-war military facilities.


The floating eyebot is a quick-observation robot commonly found in pre-War military installations. The floating eyebot uses a powerful electric prod to keep intruders in line.[1]



Resembling an eyeball, its upper portion houses the CPU, motivator and the sensors. The extending arm below is equipped with a low power energy prod.

Gameplay attributes

These robots are quick but fragile, and were mostly used as a sentry or for important areas in vital facilities, such as the Sierra Army Depot, or the Glow. Similar robots include the radio-broadcasting eyebot and the hover robot.


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Floating eye bots are often used by the military to guard important locations, and as such can be found in many pre-War bunkers. They use highly advanced electric weaponry to eliminate their enemies, but lack somewhat in durability due to their light weight.