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For an overview of flamethrower fuel types throughout the Fallout series, see flamethrower fuel.
Flamer fuel
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Flamer fuel is an ammunition type in Fallout 3.


A grey canister carrying a concentrated and highly inflammable liquid, specially created for use in various types of flamethrowers.

Weapons using this ammunition


Though flamer fuel is quite common, very few enemies carry flamers, except for some raiders. Therefore, flamer fuel is mostly found in ammunition boxes scattered throughout the wasteland, or at various shops, where it can be found in moderate quantities. The Mister Handy and Mister Gutsy robot models also drop large amounts of flamer fuel upon their destruction. A massive amount of this type of ammunition can be found within the containers near where the unique Burnmaster weapon is found.

With the Scrounger perk, availability is dramatically increased, and with 10 Luck, ammunition boxes, when flamer fuel is found within them, will virtually never contain less than 100 units of fuel, and often will contain as much as 130.

With the Broken Steel add-on, flamer fuel can also be found on Enclave Hellfire troopers.


The actual "loose" ammunition canisters, as seen in the picture, are mounted on either side of the flamer backpack, or on the sides of the heavy incinerator.


If during the Operation Anchorage add-on, the Lone Wanderer manages to obtain a flamer (through reverse-pickpocketing), there is an associated script with the ammo dispenser, which can be exploited in order to gain near-infinite ammunition.