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The flamer or flamethrower is a big gun that projects an ignited stream of flammable liquid, and requires a source of fuel to operate. In Fallout: New Vegas, the flamer is moved to the Energy Weapons skill.


Flambe 450 flamer

Fo1 Flamer.png
Gameplay articles:

A Flambe 450 model flamethrower, varmiter variation. Fires a short spray of extremely hot, flammable liquid. Requires specialized fuel to work properly.

FT13 model flamer

Fo4 Flamer.png
Gameplay article:

This FT13 model of flamethrower[1] is a self-contained construction tool with a large tank filled with propellant gas on the bottom, a detachable canister of fuel along the barrel, and hoses connecting both to the barrel. Pressing the trigger causes the fuel and propellant to mix in a chamber and a gout of flame is pressed out of the barrel.

Backpack flamer


This flamer comes equipped with a backpack to store the flamer fuel. Unlike other flamethrowers that have an ever burning pilot light, this flamer has a white-hot wire protrusion that ignites expelled gas.

Flambe 450 flamer pistol

Tactics flamer pistol.png
Gameplay article:

A poorly designed, misconceived weapon that is essentially a cut-down version of the Flambe 450. Amuse your friends as you set yourself and everything around you ablaze.



  1. "FT13" is raised on the left side of the frame.