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Fizztop Mountain
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Map MarkerFizztop Mountain
Part ofNuka-Town USA
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TerminalsFizztop Mountain terminals

Fizztop Mountain is a location in Nuka-World.


Fizztop Mountain is one of the oldest and most recognizable landmarks in the park. It also provides an excellent view of the surrounding area, making it a natural stronghold. Deep within this artificial structure, however, the Disciples make their lair.


The mountain is the heart of the northern section of Nuka-Town and holds the Fizztop Grille. The side entrance leads into the mountain proper and straight to the lair of the Disciples, filled with blood, rot, and death.

The entire cavern has a network of shacks and girders that provide living quarters for the Disciples. The ground floor has little to offer except a living quarter shack and lots of seating arrangements; the nearby catwalk leads up to a tier with another living quarter, and another nearby catwalk ascends to the roof of the central pillar. The roof has plenty of holding cells spread around it, as well as Nisha's office.

On top of the concrete roof within the Mountain is a firepit. Behind it is a lunch pail and some food; on the other side of the Mountain, down the crates is a skeleton next to a duffle bag, beneath a Cappy statue.

Notable loot

  • Dixie's souvenirs: In the shack on the upper level.
  • A Nuka-Grape is found beside a lantern, on a box in the corner of the first catwalk leading up.
  • A Nuka-Cola Orange is found beside Nisha's terminal, in her rooftop office.


  • Across the main light beam above the entrance is a hidden cache of three caps stashes, two jet, a stimpak and two block letters on "GJ".
  • On top of the entrance, behind the junk pile, is a Jangles the Moon Money on a destroyed toilet; the toilet in question has the same pinkish hue as the food paste found within the Suffolk County Charter School. In its left hand it clutches a perfectly preserved pie.
  • An alien toy is watching a TV scene while a pack of bubblegum lies next to it atop the main structure. This is of note because there is an actual scene within a destroyed wall terminal.

Behind the scenes


Fizztop Mountain appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.