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Removes addiction
Poisoned visuals (2m)
QuestsFriend of the Followers
High Times
Happy Trails Expedition
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Fixer is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


This less recognized product was created by Med-Tek, for temporarily curing addictions. Like their main product, Mentats, Fixer was also sold in both cardboard and tin packages, the latter a bit more likely to survive the nuclear holocaust.

Despite the ability to combat addictions, the attempt to temporarily flush out the effects of addiction causes a side-effect of nausea.


Fixer semi-permanently clears any addiction; the addiction is removed, but it can be reacquired by continued use of the drug that caused it. It also causes the player character to "feel woozy," which produces a visual and auditory effect similar to having been poisoned that lasts for a certain amount of time. Roughly every 15 to 30 seconds, the player's vision will blur and a loud static noise will play, but it will pass eventually.


  • Three can be found on top of a dresser at Camp Golf, inside the House resort on the second floor.
  • Three can be found on top of a dresser in Jacobstown, inside Jacobstown Lodge on the second floor. (This room looks almost exactly the same as the one at Camp Golf.)
  • Three can be found inside Aerotech Suite 200 at Aerotech Office Park. One is under a book on top of the bookcase next to the caravan shotgun. The other one is on the floor behind the bookcase. The third one is in the room to the left as you enter, on a desk.
  • Two to three are inside separate safes on the casino level of the Lucky 38, with various other chems.
  • Two can be found at Camp McCarran, in both medical tents.
  • Two Fixers can be found inside dressers in the Vault 21's guest rooms.
  • Two Fixers can be found inside Vault 3 in one of the locked rooms (requires lock pick)
  • Dr. Ada Straus in Novac sometimes sells Fixer and other assorted chems.
  • A few can be bought from Dixon in Freeside, near the east gate.
  • One can be found at Allied Technologies Offices inside the offices, on a desk in the room to the east.
  • After completing the quest High Times, you can get one from Julie Farkas at the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside once every 24 hours. To complete the quest you will need 10 Fixer or pass a 50 Speech or 50 Science check. The Science check reduces the Fixer requirement to one (along with a psycho and a Buffout), while the Speech check removes the entire requirement.
  • One can be found on the floor in the Great Khan Hideout in Boulder City.
  • One can be found at a Fiend encampment just west of Vault 3. (Violet's camp.) It's in the small camper to the south-west.
  • One can be bought from Calamity in the lodge in Jacobstown.
  • A randomized amount may be purchased from the bartender in Brimstone, Gomorrah's bar/strip club.
  • One can be found in the Red Rock Drug Lab in a footlocker in the closest trailer to the rest of the camp.
  • The 188 Trading Post also has multiple Fixers available.
  • In the El Rey Motel, second floor, one Fixer can be found inside a easy locked room, on a crazed chem addict.

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  • Waiting can be used to skip the side effects of Fixer.
  • Alternatively, after using antivenom, the "poison removed" message will appear and the Fixer side effects will be gone.
  • The Chemist perk will double the length of time that the wooziness affects you, and provides no actual benefits to using Fixer.
  • Fixer, although a seemingly Mojave-exclusive chem, can be seen mentioned on a terminal in Fallout 4.