Five-Star General

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Five-Star General
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Five-Star General is a paper note in Fallout 76.




Five-Star General
A Post-Apocalyptic Culinary Review by Glen Ramos.
Being one of the few fine-dining destinations in Appalachia, General's Steakhouse was always a treat to visit. Even after the restaurant was forced to change its menu due to shortages of quality beef, the restaurants proprietor, Milo, did an expert job crafting a palette of 'down home Southern fare'.

I must admit though, I never cared much for the General's clientele. Too many uppity tech types from RobCo trying to one-up each other on pretentiousness. These days, the Steakhouse attracts a more pleasant, less pompous crowd, despite their shriveled appearance and ravenous lust for my flesh. 4 stars.

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