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For other examples of fish in the Fallout series, see Fish.
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LocationLake Mead
Colorado River
Virgin River

What the hell is a fish?

— The Courier to Cass

Fish are creatures found in the Mojave Wasteland and Zion Canyon in 2281.


They cannot be interacted with by the player and are therefore considered scenery as well as a creature, similar to the birds from Fallout 3.

There are two kinds of fish found in the game: the one in the image is a largemouth bass, unchanged by radiation; another is a smallmouth bass while the other fish are found in schools and appear to be perch or minnows.

It is unknown how the fish survived the radiation as it changed other sea creatures into lakelurks and mirelurks.



  • When you ask Cass why she took up caravaning, she responds by saying she "took to it like a fish in water." The Courier has the option to be ignorant and say "What the hell is a fish?", or can alternatively, by passing an Intelligence check, test her knowledge on the subject. She replies that a fish is like a slimy lakelurk thing that doesn't have claws and doesn't attack people. She also describes it as a bird that stays underwater, and that some of them have legs. Other dialogue options lead to Cass saying that she has never seen a real fish, only a plastic one on a wall in a bar (that used to sing, according to the bar owner and much to Cass' disbelief).
  • The fish cannot be interacted with.
  • Though fish do not appear in an other Fallout game, except for the cut fish that were meant to be an consumable item in Fallout 2. (See here.) Fish were mentioned by an unnamed fisherman in random coastal encounter in Fallout and by San Francisco citizens in Fallout 2 as food.
  • Fish featured in Fallout: New Vegas appear to be virtually unaffected by radiation, possibly due to low background level of radiation in Mojave/Zion area. However, according to various wastelanders' account in Fallout 1 & 2, many fish caught in Pacific Ocean were mutated by radiation, showing abnormalities such as having three eyes or gigantic in physical size. Apparently, Fish also survive in heavily radiated Potomac river in Capital Wasteland.


Fish appear in Fallout: New Vegas and in Honest Hearts.