First Sergeant Astor's log

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First Sergeant Astor's Log
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First Sergeant Astor's Log is a paper note in Fallout: New Vegas.


It can be found on the wooden bench in First Sergeant Astor's camp near Camp Searchlight.



First Sergeant Astor's Log

Everything is upside down now, all of my superiors are gone and there's no one left but myself and a handful of soldiers. I've been following a strict patrol schedule since the incident, making sure to cover the roads leading into Camp Searchlight. I like to keep myself moving in order to catch any wayward travelers who may not know the dangers that now lurk within the town. I don't think I could forgive myself if someone got past me and went into that hell hole of a place. So far I've been able to maintain enough energy that I'm never away from any point on my patrol for long. I wonder how long before I can't keep going anymore?