Firehose nozzle

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Firehose nozzle
Firehose Nozzle.png
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Component ofRock-It Launcher
UsesRock-It Launcher ammunition
QuestsNot Worth a Hill of Corn and Beans
Base ID00022101

A firehose nozzle is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.


The firehose nozzle is a component used in the construction of the Rock-It Launcher in Fallout 3. In Fallout: New Vegas it also serves as an item needed for the quest Not Worth a Hill of Corn and Beans.


Fallout 3

It is common, and generally found in large, red firehose boxes.

  • One place where to find one is in the Tenpenny Tower suites.
  • An easy way to find one is to fast travel to the National Guard depot, and enter. There will be a fire hose box right at the entrance.
  • Another area is at Canterbury Commons in Uncle Roe's house, the fire hose is on the left at the end of the entrance.
  • Crazy Wolfgang commanly has a few, seeing as he deals in junk. Although the amount of time necessary to track him down could be used for better ventures.
  • A firehose box is found in the raiders building, south of Alexandria Arms
  • One found on the second floor of the Alexandria Arms. Rough directions; Head up the stairs in front as you enter and head left from the double doors, you will find a corridor heading down into the hotel rooms. Take the first left down that corridor, and then a right. It will be right in front of you.
  • Another in Alexandria arms lies further along the corridor from the one listed above.
  • Yet another inside the Alexadnria arms. If following directions from the two listed above, from the box at the end of the corridor, turn to face the first box and head left. You will find something of a cafeteria with many ammunition boxes, vending machines and so on. Head down the stairs. Go through the double doors and look immediately to the right, it is in front of you.
  • One firehose box is on the roof of the Fort Constantine Personnel offices.

They are also common in the German town police station

Fallout: New Vegas

It is fairly common, and is found in firehose boxes in buildings all over the Mojave Wasteland.

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