Firebase Major

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Firebase Major
F76 Firebase Major.png
F76 358.png
Part ofCranberry Bog
  • Feral ghouls
  • Scorched
  • Mirelurks
  • Mole miners
  • Chance for normal spawns
  • Chance for scorched variant spawns
  • Technical
  • Cranberry Bog location
  • Point of Interest
  • Dungeon
  • Fast travel destination
  • Military theme
  • Large loot scale
  • Clearable

    Firebase Major is a location in Fallout 76.


    One of several ASAM outposts established on the perimeter of the Bog to hold back the scorchbeasts, Major covered the northwestern sector with two ASAM emplacements.

    Points of interest

    • The firebase consists of a small tent with a cooking station and a makeshift barricade and a cooking station in the center. A derelict jeep sits nearby, with two jerry cans in the back. The SAMs are set up outside the firebase proper, and divided by natural trenches running over the ground.

    Notable loot

    Plans and Reciples
    • A randomized weapon plan may spawn on a wooden crate outside of the tent near the jeep.
    Potential bobbleheads
    • A bobblehead may spawn inside the tent.
    Potential power armor
    • A partial suit of power armor may spawn outside, near the tent and the jeep.
    Dynamic spawns


    Firebase Major appears in Fallout 76.