Final Stand

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Final Stand
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Final Stand is a paper note in Fallout 76.


  • Fort Defiance: The note is just beyond the sealed entrance leading to the Brotherhood of Steel section, on a noticeboard and next to Scribe Grant's Plea holotape. (Cannot be acquired)




Generators out of fuel. With all the Scorchbeasts, not sure how long the boys at Thunder Mountain can hold out. If the AAAs go down... we're all dead.

For anyone that reads this, know I tried my best. We all did. The Brotherhood of Steel held the line as long as we possibly could. But the Scorchbeasts keep on coming.

I'm running out of time. So please listen, if the Scorchbeasts are still a threat, you need to get to the top floor. The security doors are top of the line military security - find a way past them. Do what we failed to do. Stop the Scorchbeasts.

Power's flickering. Have to go. In the end, I get it. Ad victoriam.

-Scribe Grant

Holotapes and notes in Fallout 76