Final Initiation

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Final Initiation
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Final Initiation is a holotape in Fallout 76.


  • Pi Mu House: The holotape is in the basement next to a bloodied mattress.



Pledge: Pledge sighs It's been... hours? Days? Well, who the hell knows. Trapped... starving, thirsty. Since everyone drank that goddamned drink. This was our final initiation. Me and my buddy Max over there. Locked in here for the party and then we were golden. One last test... They passed out red cups at the end. To celebrate. Called it 'Nukashine'. I dumped it when they weren't looking. Max here... didn't. Everyone was fine at first... well, until they weren't. That sound... I'll never forget that damned sound. I... I can't... *Sigh*

And now... now, I'm stuck here with no food, no water, and an old saw that won't cut through shit. Stuck here with ol' Max Posey. I... I gotta think of something soon. He's a swell guy but... I'm getting sick of his company.

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