Final Departure

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Final Departure
Quest data
LocationMorgantown Airport
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leads to:
An Ounce of Prevention
Tentative Plans

Final Departure is a quest in Fallout 76.


The Responders are gone - from Flatwoods, from Morgantown, everywhere. What happened? What is the cause of their departure? Investigate Morgantown Airport to learn about their fate and the inoculation project.


  • Part of the main story, Final Departure requires the player to journey to the Morgantown Airport terminal and learn of the Responders' fate by collecting Overseer's Log - Morgantown in the command center, located at the Overseer's cache.
  • She will mention an inoculation project. Details of the project are located in the Responder medical hangar, by the eastern runway, on the terminal upstairs. Accessing the terminal completes the quest and starts An Ounce of Prevention.

Quest stages

- Investigate Morgantown Airport
- Learn the fate of the Responders
- Listen to the Overseer's Log - Morgantown
-Quest finishedLearn about the Inoculation Project