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Field Report: Mama Dolce's Food Processing
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Field Report: Mama Dolce's Food Processing is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.


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Kumar: Responders field report, Sanjay Kumar speaking. Recon mission to Mama Dolce's Food Processing plant nearly complete.

Strauss: Shh! Not so loud, Mister Sanjay! I can hear more of those little robots with the red stars walking around nearby.

Kumar: If the robots are a concern, go and deal with them. You're supposed to be my security escort, aren't you? As I was saying, recon mission wrapping up now. What I've found here is very promising. There's a good chance I can get these machines operational.

Strauss: Where are all these robots coming from, anyway? What are they doing here? Maybe we should just get out of here.

Kumar: Pull yourself together, man! I swear, you're the most timid security volunteer I've ever met. Where was I? Ah. I recommend we return with a mechanical team to investigate the possibility of restoring this facility to full operational status. This concludes my report.

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