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Field Report: AVR Medical
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Field Report: AVR Medical is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




Responders field report. Maria Chavez speaking.
Being here at AVR Medical really brings back memories. My mother worked at this place for years as a nurse.
When I was a child, back before the war, I got sick for days. Supply shortages had driven the price of medicine beyond what we could afford.
Lucky for us, my mom wasn't just a nurse, but also a natural green thumb. We had a garden with all kinds of herbs and flowers.
She treated me with home-made herbal remedies.

Today, disease is rampant. There are countless viruses and bacterial infections out there, and we need a way to deal with them.
I was hoping I might find something here to help treat all the sick and injured refugees we've got back at the airport.
Unfortunately, the place has been picked pretty clean by now, and there isn't much left.

So, having had basically no luck in this creepy abandoned hospital, I've decided to turn instead to my mother's wisdom.
I've put together some herbal tea recipes that should mitigate the symptoms of the more common sicknesses. It's not a cure, but it's something.
Well, I think I'll wrap this up.
Guess I'm off to pick some flowers.

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