Feel Like A Kid Again

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Feel Like A Kid Again
TaskFind the 20 RALPHIE the Robot posters hidden throughout the Divide.
Reward100 XP
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Gametitle-FNV LR.png

Feel Like A Kid Again is a challenge in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road. The player must find the 20 Ralphie the Robot posters hidden throughout the Divide.


  1. On the wall next to the pod where you find ED-E in the Hopeville Missile Silo Bunker.
  2. After leaving the silo bunker, travel north east to an abandoned gas station and in the garage on the wall next to a workbench.
  3. Inside the Hopeville Women's Barracks, far wall.
  4. Outside the Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters building on the north side of the building.
  5. In the Marked Men Camp, on the side of the building furthest south-east.
  6. Upstairs at the Marked men guard outpost, on the outside of the rear wall accessible by a catwalk.
  7. In the basement of the Marked men guard outpost.
  8. Inside a locked gate, opened by the "warehouse stash" key, northeast of Marked men supply outpost and south of Collapsed Overpass Tunnel Entrance.
  9. Enter the Collapsed Overpass Tunnel, located inside the trailer of the first overturned truck immediately to your left.
  10. In the Crow's Nest by NCR Riot corpse.
  11. On the outside of the building containing the Snow globe - Lonesome Road at Junction 7 Rest Stop.
  12. Along the road east of the Ashton Silo Control Station entrance, in a blown out building, on the 2nd level on one of the central pillars.
  13. In the Courier's Mile east and south of the entrance, on 1st floor (not ground level) of the remains of a building.
  14. In Sunstone Tower on the third floor of the building.
  15. Inside the Third Street Municipal Building 2nd level, on the back wall beyond the dead NCR soldier decked out in Elite riot gear.
  16. In the two story building opposite the Third Street Municipal Building, upstairs, turn right - behind some filing cabinets.
  17. In the Buried Buildings just before entering the Boxwood hotel roof, on the wall behind the bed.
  18. Inside Wastewater Treatment Plant, in office with manager's terminal.
  19. On the wall outside the Waste Disposal Station.
  20. In the building due South from the Waste Disposal Station on the wall behind some bookshelves.