Federal surveillance center K-21B

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Federal surveillance center K-21B
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Worldmap Loc Img 273.png
Map MarkerAbandoned Shack (initially)
Federal Surveillance Center K-21B (upon discovery)
FactionsUnited States of America
United States Armed Forces
The Institute
Cell NameFederalSurveillanceCenterExt
FederalSurvCenter01 (interior)
ref id0000e6cf
00048646 (interior)
TerminalsMainframe Terminal (Novice)

Federal surveillance center K-21B, called Installation K-21B and bunker in-game, is a location in the Commonwealth, accessed through the abandoned shack.


This pre-War federal surveillance facility, sealed off in the wake of the nuclear holocaust beneath an unassuming shack. The facility has since been infiltrated by the Institute's synths which are searching for rogue scientist Dr. Brian Virgil.


Past a check-in area, a staircase descends into the main three-story facility. The third story hosts a couple offices as well as a staircase in the southeastern office that descends to the second story. The second story hosts several more offices, with another staircase in the southwest leading to the lowest story. This story holds the facility's mainframe, a power armor frame and an elevator leading up to a concrete bunker behind the abandoned shack.

Notable loot


Federal surveillance center K-21B appears only in Fallout 4.