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Federal ration stockpile
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Map MarkerFederal Ration Stockpile
FactionsRed Tourette's raiders
Cell NameFederalRationStockpileExt
FederalRationStockpile01 (interior)
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00035ff4 (interior)
TerminalsRed Tourette's Terminal
Storage Lockup Terminal
Stockpile Reception Terminal

The federal ration stockpile is pre-War bunker built into an old tunnel system retrofitted for emergency operations. This facility is located in the western Commonwealth wilderness.


Built by the federal government before the Great War, this facility was used for stockpiling food rations for use in the event of an emergency. Their security included identification on the grounds without exceptions, including delivery staff and vehicle operators, while civilians could receive temporary identification while on the premises.[1] However, their security was breached when a group of civilians discovered a hatch to the old tunnels leading into the facility. Before, the anonymity of the secret back exit provided security, but upon its discovery simple surveillance was no longer adequate. A detachment of three guards were sent to secure it,[2] and there they stayed along with civilians all presumably dying of radiation poisoning.[3]

It comes as no surprise that a raider crew led by Red Tourette later seized the stockpile for themselves,[4] but this also brought up some rivalry from Tower Tom and his crew at Beantown Brewery; they have plenty of beer, but not enough food.[5] Negotiations failed when Red Tourette simply refused to send them food. This caused Tower Tom to send some raiders to steal some.[6] The attack failed, but Tower Tom's crew got away with some hostages,[7] including Tourette's sister Lily,[8][9] who was specifically ransomed for a supply of food, exploiting Red and Lily's sisterly bond.[10] This prolonged hostage situation has caused a coup-d'etat.[4]



Outside the stockpile, a respectably-sized shanty town has sprung up to house the raiders milling about. There are several turret surrounding the bunkers as well.


Past the reception area and into the stockpile proper, a stairway leads down to a room. At the end of this room is the door that requires the federal ration stockpile password (otherwise, it is Master locked). There is a room of to the side before the master locked room that leads into some catwalk areas. The catwalks end in a brick walled hallway bathed in red light and ends in a square room containing a cooking station. This room has a hallway continuing up that leads to a small brick ditch ending at a door.

Through the door is a room connected to the Master locked stockpile adjacent to the first room. A hallway to the south leads to Red Tourette's quarters, which contains an armor workbench and a weapons workbench. A tunnel to the northwest winds about before reaching a ladder leading up to the Lonely Chapel.

Notable loot


The federal ration stockpile appears only in Fallout 4.


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