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Federal Disposal Field HZ-21
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Part ofSavage Divide
  • Large mutated creatures
  • Technical
  • Workshop settlement
  • Clearable
  • Workshop settlement
  • Savage Divide location
  • Fast travel destination
  • Working Class theme
  • Supports giant encounters
  • Large loot scale
  • TerminalsFederal Disposal Field HZ-21 terminals

    Federal Disposal Field HZ-21 is a location in Fallout 76.


    Federal Disposal Field HZ-21 was among the first such facilities in the Appalachia region to undergo the 10 000 Years Initiative. The goal of the project was to provide a secure location to dispose of leftover nuclear waste from weapons production and research, while ensuring that future inhabitants would be aware that the location is inhospitable to life.[1]

    Although the primary goal of the facility was to ensure its security in the event of a catastrophic civilization collapse, it was still funded even if such a collapse did not occur, as standard communications can - and do - break down for many reasons over long time periods. Languages are lost to time, or evolve. The creators of the project did not speak the same English spoken one thousand years ago, let alone the same language spoken by their ancestors 10 000 years ago. Combined with the fact that storage media typically become obsolete as technology marches on or fall apart, the challenge of warning those who would inhabit the world 10 millenia later was a major one.[2]

    To achieve that goal, the project aimed to create lasting monuments that would convey a sense of danger and harm to those who would come across them. Phase One involved the construction of gigantic concrete spikes, which can withstand weather, erosion, and shifting topography, designed to evoke a sense of dread, and to discourage building on top of them. Phase Twoinvolved sturdy metal engravings around the perimeter, sealed and treated to withstand harsh conditions. They would include pictograms instead of modern language, in order to clearly convey a sense of danger to life, transcending any potential language barriers millennia later.[3]

    Once the site was filled to capacity, it would be sealed and left alone for as long as it presents a danger to life - or at least make it clear that the makers of the project did all that was humanly possible to provide the warnings in the first place.[4] What they didn't apparently take into account was the pressing need for nuclear material that would permeate the survivors of the Great War. What was intended as a disposal site became a major source of nuclear material for any who would control it.[5]

    Points of interest

    • This workshop area is heavily irradiated and remote. However, it's one of the only places where nuclear material excavators can be built. It consists of a winding access road with a security hut that terminates at the edge of the disposal site. Uranium deposits are in the center, amidst the concrete sculptures, while the decontamination building is to the northeast, with the workshop right next to it.
    • The workshop area is relatively small and roughly square in shape, with corners marked by the edge of the decon building and the disposal site. It offers food (9), water (4), nuclear material (3), and acid and oil resource nodes (1 each).
    • If Monongah Power Plant is active, the power box at this site will also supply electricity.

    Notable loot

    Potential power armor
    • In the storage cage in the main building.
    Dynamic spawns


    Federal Disposal Field HZ-21 appears in Fallout 76.