Fatman MIRV launcher

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Fatman MIRV Launcher
Fo4 Experimental MIRV.png
ModifiesFat Man
Editor IDmiscmod_mod_Fatman_Barrel_MIRV
Base ID001c6bfa

The Fatman MIRV launcher is a weapon modification in Fallout 4.


Named for the multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) ballistic missile payload, this variant of the M42 "Fat Man" Launcher fires eight mini nukes at once, arguably making it overkill for any application due to its more plentiful payload and larger spread.

Gameplay attributes

By Adding the MIRV Launcher mod to the M42 Fat Man, the Sole Survivor gains the ability to fire more shells at once, while the principle of this weapon is similar to Fallout 3's Experimental MIRV, it has drastic negative effects.

While the principle of the weapon is similar to Fallout 3's Experimental MIRV, it has been "nerfed" in it's ability to output damage per shell, doing considerably less damage, and having a range to how far it can shoot. Based on the user's perks in heavy weapons, the shells can do more or less damage, but still less to the actual M42 Fat Man's single powerful shell. It has lost the point and kill nature that the Experimental MIRV had in Fallout 3, making the weapon more akin to a curio than something viable for engaged combat.


Gun Nut (rank: 1)and Science! (rank: 4)
1 Fatman MIRV launcher