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Farragut West station
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Map MarkerFarragut West Metro Station
Connects toFriendship station
metro exitsFarragut West station
Cell NameFarragutWestExterior
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TerminalsMetro Security Terminal
MDCTA Service Access Terminal

Farragut West Station is a metro station of the Washington, D.C. Metro system in the Capital Wasteland, and exits into Friendship station. The main entrance is due east of Super-Duper Mart.



The station is located to the east of Super-Duper Mart and north of Wilhelm's Wharf, across the river from both. The open area of the station is typically the first metro most players go into with a fight typically occurring between a group of raiders and 2 super mutants from across the river, that are heavily armed with a missile launcher or a minigun and an assault rifle and occasionally a third, random party, depending on the random encounter. On the wall above the fenced entrance to the Metro station is a Brotherhood marker graffiti with the inscription "GNR Outpost?".


The lobby leads first into the Ticket Masters Office with a Protectron pod that can be released to attack molerats (the player should make sure they have a metro ticket on themselves to avoid being attacked by the robot. Near the entrance to the now collapsed metro platform is an exit into the maintenance tunnels.

The tunnels are fairly straightforward and terminate in a larger room with a central staircase. At one end of the top floor lies a DCTA Service Office. On the opposite end is the exit to the Friendship station. The only issue are ghouls standing in the way, which can be killed by igniting the gas leak in the area.

Notable loot


  • Metro protectrons can be activated in the offices close to the entrance (C). Get the metro ticket on top of the console to keep them from attacking you. There are also 2 more metro tickets in the desks on the northwest side of the room.
  • There is a room in Farragut West station that can be used as Fallout 3 player housing. The room is opposite of the locked fence with the feral ghouls. There is a safe that can be locked using the terminal on the desk. There is also a naval cot behind the counter.
  • It's possible to start a gas flow test with the terminal in the ghoul area, behind the locked gate.

Related quests


  • There is a small ammunition and medicine cache at the end of the dock like area consisting of two first aid boxes, two ammunition boxes and one free-standing jet.
  • It grants access to the metro tunnel system, Farragut West station.
  • Farragut West is one of the random encounter locations.
  • Farragut West is also a spawning point for two Brotherhood Outcasts who will be fighting two super mutants.
  • If Broken Steel has been downloaded, the super mutants may be replaced with a super mutant overlord.
  • The Metro station can be used as safe house as the room with the safe in it has shelves, filing cabinets, a cot, 2 desks, a first aid box and a safe which can be locked and unlocked via the terminal.



Farragut West Metro Station appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • Farragut West Station is a real metro station in Washington D.C., although its location is farther inside the DC area.