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Fang squad
Fang Squad.jpg
Fang Squad eliminated by super mutants
HeadquartersBunker Gamma
Notable LocationsSt. Louis
Relations and associations
ParentEastern Brotherhood of Steel
Mini-FOT Logo.pngThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Fang Squad is a squad in the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel in 2197.


Fang Squad was one of the Midwest Brotherhood's standard battle squads. During a routine patrol of the St. Louis area, Fang Squad was attacked by an enormous contingent of heavily-armed super mutants. They fought bravely against their over-powered adversaries, and managed to radio a distress call before being completely obliterated. This began the series of events that ended with General Barnaky captured and 6[1][2][3] of the Brotherhood's most hardened battle squads dead.

Interactions with the player character

Fang Squad's last reported location is one of the search points during the St. Louis mission. The corpses of the men and vehicles hold a few supplies.


Fang Squad appears only in Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.


  1. Dekker: "Come in, warrior. Please be seated.
    My name is General Dekker and I'll be briefing you for this specific mission.
    At 0900 yesterday, while on patrol, Fang Squad encountered a large contingent of heavily armed Super-Mutants in the region known as St. Louis. They fought bravely against this overwhelming force and managed to radio in a distress call right before they were annihilated.
    Eight battle-hardened squads led by General Barnaky rushed to the scene and are now in pitched combat with the Super-Mutants. While we were able to push them back initially, our losses have been staggering. As a result, we need to pull our forces out of there immediately. This battle is lost.
    General Barnaky has requested to have your squad rendezvous with his mobile command center and execute the evacuation of our wounded Brothers. I have read your file and I fully agree with General Barnaky's faith in you and your squad.
    From your lessons, you should recall that Super-Mutants are genetically engineered soldiers that are strong, tough to kill, and can easily carry weapons that most people would mount on assault vehicles. They are to be handled with extreme caution. You are going into heavy combat unlike any you have experienced before. Remember to follow General Barnaky's direction. He'll get you out safe.
    Take an APC and facilitate the evacuation of any wounded squad members. You are to get in and get out. No heroics. I want this to be a by-the-book search and rescue operation.
    Trust in your weapons, warrior, and they will see you home safely.
    (MIS 09 Speech.txt)
  2. Emerald Solo: " I repeat, this is Paladin Solo from Talon Squad.
    Request immediate backup and evacuation!
    Fucking Muties are all over location Alpha-71 Bravo!
    Tusk squad and Talon squad are all that's left.
    The General and Demon squad never made it.
    Wait! "Get a field bandage on him stat!"
    Send backup. NOW! Damn it!
    We're being put through the grinder here!"
    (MIS 09 Speech.txt)
  3. Dekker: "Welcome back, warrior.
    The Elders have assigned me to be your commanding officer until we have further news of General Barnaky's whereabouts. Your former superior was a fine general, one of the best that I had the honour to serve with. Losing him has been a heavy blow to us all.
    The Super-Mutant army destroyed a total of six full squads of our Brothers. This is a large setback for the Brotherhood, since those squads contained some of our finest veteran soldiers. We shall not forget our Brothers who fell in the line of duty, nor shall we let these feelings get in the way of our duty.
    Rest assured that Intelligence searches for the General, even as we speak. Until we have a lead on where the enemy is keeping him, you will be receiving all mission briefings from me.
    Go rest, warrior. You deserve it. After you are done recovering and grieving for our comrades, report back for your next mission.
    You are dismissed."
    (MIS 09 Speech.txt)
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