Falsely Accused

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Falsely Accused
Quest data
LocationEastern Regional Penitentiary
Editor IDTW002
Base ID0010e201
Related quests
Bureau of Tourism
leads to:

Falsely Accused is a quest in Fallout 76.


Completing Bureau of Tourism seems to have caused a bit of a problem for the automated law enforcement agencies of Appalachia. While trekking across Toxic Valley, the Vault 76 dwellers are attacked by a group of robotic Marshalls...


  • Players have to kill the Marshalls that attempt an arrest, then speak with the warden at the Eastern Regional Penitentiary. The warrant was mistakenly issued, but the warden is not about to let an opportunity go by...
  • In return for being removed as a false positive, the warden will ask the players to visit all the security stations marked on the map to authorize turret activation.
  • The quest concludes with the player's return to the warden.